Is the indian equity market a continuous or a call market based on trading procedures? related questions

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Is the indian equity market a continuous or a call market based on trading procedures?0Kyeshia2012-07-19 02:17:02
Is the Indian stock market a continuous or a market -based call -business processes ?
What is the minimum volume to call a stock "good liquidity stock" for day trading in indian stock market?0REINY PLEASE HELP ME!2012-07-17 12:05:02
What is the minimum to call an action " sufficient liquidity stock " for the day trading in Indian stock market ?
Morning Calls ,Who is giving best stock market tips in trading indian stock market?0Ging2012-07-09 00:38:02
I want to open onlie Stock market trading account with any of the following, to work with your regional director for the sale and purchase of the advice given by them Angel Broking LITD Kotak Securities Ltd Motilal Oswal securities Ltd Edelwise Sharekhan India Bulls Religare Securites Ltd or other pl give logic, if a body is good, not on the basis of brokerge but on the ground of good calls in the Thebaid of analyst and research team
Indian, trading in Indian market from outside India - Possible?0Sanmjha2012-07-21 00:31:02
I am an Indian and working abroad. Can I trade in Indian market from outside India? How is tax calculated for this, is it normal as other Indian citizens?
Share Market tips on Indian Stock Market0dreamwishbelieve2012-08-03 23:00:50
There are paid services for share market tips as well as free tips on various websites. I have gone through many a sites including & and others. I have gone through tv channels like zee business etc. who provide tips for trades. Which one to believe ? websites or tv channels.
What parameters indicate trading activities in equity market?0Nix The Robot2012-07-20 02:02:02
i know two parameters which are the evidence of trading activities in stock market they are volume and stock indices. can you help me with sum more.. a bit description of the points will be more helpful..thanx..
Is it really possible to make good money via trading in equity market for individuals?2daylo22012-08-12 11:47:02
If it is really possible to make good money form trading in equity market what are the steps a beginer should take .....
Can a foreign citizen of indian origin invest in indian stock market? can he trade online from outside india?4janet!2016-08-01 01:00:08
What is the procedure for opening bank accounts , commercial and demat
My Indian friend is in USA and wants to trade in Indian Stock market from USA ? Is it possible ? Pl explain?0Steve2012-09-27 09:09:04
My friend is in the U.S. Indian and wants to trade in the Indian market in U.S.? Is it possible ? pl explain
How we can earn from day trading from indian share market?2ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-10-13 18:53:02
intraday or day trading in share market , from it how we can earn daily from our intelligence or luck. if anyone know about the requirements and procedures please tell us.
Any one can help me to get formula for F&O trading in indian Share market?0bootz2012-07-03 20:42:02
Anyone can help me get the formula for trading in F & S in the market share of India?
How far does trading based on trends in a stock market work out ? can you trade on trend basis more or less ?0Tsjoeptsjoep 2012-09-28 15:23:02
How far does trade trends based on a stock market works ? based trend can negotiate about ?

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