What MTG Card sets/products should I get?

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Asked at 2012-07-19 02:03:02
I am very interested in collecting business cards MTG . I also enjoy playing the game. I am wanting to know some good products you should buy, not just card wise, but also handbags, or binders. He says , bags, anything you should consider getting that has to do with MTG. I want the card products that are mostly random , like the envelopes (instead of a bunch of predefined cards ). Obviously I'm more interested in value cards (rare , rare, mythic rare ) when it comes to trading , but the common properties are also important when it comes to actually playing . What sets good for collection? What are the best series of cards to play ? What are good products I should consider? All suggestions are good. :) Thanks .
Answer1Mr. Winky Answered at 2012-08-20 10:52:26
Avacryn Restore is very popular now, so get that. And on May 25 in the game store event covered two exits at $ 20 to $ 25 each and the decks have a lot of money cards and cards that you would see in the popular standard decks tournament legal .
Answer2GeometricAnswered at 2012-09-02 01:25:04
Just put the cards you want. You can buy the boxes to put the cards and packages with a box Coem fat free to put cards in , just a way to divide . Dice and all that really has nothing to do with magic , very few cards actually use anything but what's on the card and symbols can be represented by pieces of paper if necessary . MedlinePlus Envelopes are mostly common so have no problem with that. Start Packs always have the same cards in them and most come standard with internal reinforcement package . MedlinePlus If you want just random letters , but reinforcements , but if you intend to make certain cards decks but them because there is virtually no chance of finding what you need in reinforcements . MedlinePlus Note that really the only way to buy them is rares . You will get a rare with each boost , but there is what is called junk rares , letters that are hard to find , but they are almost useless in game. MedlinePlus Also keep in mind that the value of the card is the same condition , but still worth at stake. A card that's a rare bad would be worth much less than a very good and versatile rare or common . MedlinePlus When you start collecting , just start buying in the final set and start with packs starting to learn to play .
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