I need help to beat the elite 4 in pokemon black! ? related questions

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I need help to beat the elite 4 in pokemon black! ?0stanly2012-07-18 23:27:01
I have to beat the Elite 4 , and my pokemon are not yet at a level high enough. I was wondering if you can trade Pokémon me so I can beat the elite 4 and then I can take my Reshiram and ill be on my way . I appreciate it :)
How do i beat the elite 4 in pokemon diamond without having to level up my pokemon?2jim bean2012-09-18 10:33:03
yes, I know my pokemon chest but I have no time to stabilize at the time . I'll post my pokemon , levels and movements . What is the best way to beat the elite 4 with the following ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Uxie lvl.53 MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory Yawn MedlinePlus Charge Beam MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 58 Azelf MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Future Sight Shadow Ball MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory MedlinePlus lvl . 49 MedlinePlus Dialga MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus force cut MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AncientPower Roar of Time ( I know I messed teach HM ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 45 Infernape MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fire Card Fire Spin MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Flame Wheel MedlinePlus flamethrower MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Azumarill MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus blizzard MedlinePlus Surf MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Waterfall Rock Smash MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Lucario MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus Aura Sphere MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Me First MedlinePlus Rock Climb reversal MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Lucario fainted , but I saved before I used all my revives Lucario what if I need , but I would say they must make Infernape , Dialga or fainting ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and if I have to negotiate GTS I have no phone or a USB DS , so I can not . and I have no time to level my pokemon so please tell me the best with what I have .
Help, I can't beat the elite four on my Pokemon emerald game!?10needhelpbadly2016-06-06 20:52:23
My Pokemon are MedlinePlus - Kadabra (no one to trade with evolving ) lvl . 50 - Future Shock wave - view -Secret Power- Psychic MedlinePlus Lvl - Shiftry . 50 - Giga Drain -Cut - Shadow Ball - Extrasensory MedlinePlus Lvl - Flygon . 50 - Crunch - Steel Wing - Fly- Dragon Breath MedlinePlus - Aggron lvl.50 - Thunder -Iron Tail - Earthquake - Rock Smash MedlinePlus - Blaziken lvl.51 -Strength - Slash - A fire -Fire Card MedlinePlus - Wailord lvl.51 -Ice Beam - Dive ( Move Deleter will be used to make room for the hydraulic pump ) - Waterfall -Surf MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help ! It takes centuries to build the money , and right now I have 8 revives , 12 hyper potions , and a max potion . My game is saved right before facing Wallace and all my pokemon have full health. I can take your Wailord , but then crushed by his milotec . If faces his milotec my Wailord will switch out for Ludicolo , that takes forever to beat , and takes for my healing springs . Help and any response is much appreciated !
How should i train my pokemon. i just beat 7th gym i want to start training for elite four.?0pigeon2012-10-15 22:40:33
My team : Samurott excadrill 7ebstika gothorita 39 39 39 39 46 39 scrafty ufezant ( in bag) Should I use exp share pokemon level and 2 at once or one at a time.I accedently traded Lucky Egg . . All ideas
Best team to beat the Elite Four in FireRed?0Stressed2012-09-22 06:15:02
My team right now is : MedlinePlus Level 38 Venusaur MedlinePlus Level 39 Pikachu MedlinePlus Level 34 Growlithe MedlinePlus Level 35 Gyrados MedlinePlus Level 35 Haunter MedlinePlus Level 37 Pidgeot MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Obviously , I need a lot of training , still has two gyms to go . I was wondering what would be the best team to beat the Elite Four types and what you need. You can not negotiate and I'm willing to catch the legendary birds , cheers . Ace .
Trading with/playing against Pokemon Black USA and Pokemon Black EUR?1CeCe 3gr2012-09-16 10:30:12
Pokemon Black recently got off eBay , but when we arrived it was the U.S. version . I intended to play against and trade with players in the United Kingdom ( European version) - will this work? Thank you.
I beat the whole game soulsilver, do you know where a good place is to train my level 70 pokemon?0essay2012-10-15 08:48:58
I grabbed all my pokemon to level 100 so you can negotiate much in world trade and with friends who need higher level pokemon or pokemon level 100 can anyone help ?
I am trading in a black x-box Elite and i am wondering what wires i will need to take with me?0om2012-07-14 11:37:02
I have all the cables, but I take the hdmi I have or I just take the power cord and normal visual (red, yellow and white pin ). as I am doing the gears of war xbox and would like to have an HDMI cable to play. thanks
Can you migrate/transfer pokemon from pokemon black to pokemon white without trading?2Kaeli2012-11-06 06:44:02
I have an old set of white and want to transfer all pokemon winning in black . Is there any possible way to do it without negotiating one by one?
Can you trade Pokemon from pokemon Black to pokemon Black 2?3Salim2012-09-30 04:50:02
I have both the games in Japanese and I sort of wanted to trade over some pokemon. Can I do that and if so, how do you do this? Thanks in advance for the help!
Elite Four Pokemon Sapphire and Rayquaza?2Muskan2012-09-13 23:24:02
I'm stuck. Made it only to 4th guy. My team Blaziken-45 -Dig -Cut -Overheat -Fire Blast Kyogre-47 -Surf -Earthquake -Ice Beam -Hydro Pump Aggron-45 -Rock Smash -Take Down -Iron Tail -Strength Plusle-43 (maybe Regice) -Flash -Charge -Thunderbolt -Thunder Regirock and Registeel have original movesets and are at level 40. Trading and Cheating aren't options. Didnt cheat for Regi's got them before elite. 2. Can I get Rayquaza before Elite Four? I could use him maybe and level up at sky pillar.
Who is willing to trade a pokemon holding a shell bell for mew, celebi, or arceus in pokemon black?2 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2012-10-11 21:19:03
If you want one of those pokemon I just trade any pokemon holding a bell cover online. Email me if interested in [email protected]

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