Collection of jokes, the best is not a joke

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I need these jokes, thanks to friends
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Yong Li River get on the floor - do not hold up! 1, a married couple, guess the name of the food, husband, wife, gestures guess. The word for bread in the big-screen description of the wife, round, white, eating husband ... ... woman continues, is white, soft, and eat at night! Husband seems to be anxious, and blurted out, "mimi" Li Yong come to the floor laughing ... ... word on the big screen vinegar husband: a woman a man like to eat what? Women (thankfully): tofu! 2, the divine aspect of the gesture and said Guan Yu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms is what horseback riding? I guess people do not know, another gesture Tip: Think again, this tour also Lvbu Ma. I guess shouting is Diao Chan. Gesture of Fury: It's silly, ah, I said on a horse! Lao Li Xiaofan was on the floor! Three, a married couple, I guess the historical heritage, husband, wife, I guess gestures. King Kong on the big screen wife word description: ancient times, the famous husband ... ... ... ... woman continues: the nun read every month the husband seems to understand, he snapped: menstruation Yong Lee, said, my God! directed cut 4, or the couple, I guess the name of the item, and I suppose your husband, wife, gestures. Out on the "V3 phone" screen is great. "Wife Description: This is a rose, the most popular this year, I bought a husband ... ... ... ... woman continues: the beauty of Maria Sharapova also used, and it is my favorite the words of her husband is willing to sacrifice, and then exclaimed: "sexy underwear" laughs Li Yong bad Get on the floor ... ... 5, a marriage, I guess the colors, gestures husband's wife guess. the big screen "white" is constantly gesturing husband, wife or husband does not know ... ... anxiety, so ... ... my husband Description: Li Yong underwear! female, white! words of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and cooking wine hero. out of the dark clouds, lightning, wind and rain. two drink a few glasses, Liu Bei suddenly put a fart loud, embarrassing. Liu Bei is the anguish, behind only heard of Guan Yu, said frankly: "Gentlemen, excuse me not, fart Yu (rain) on it! "Carter Guan Yu, Zhao next step forward and said:" Gentlemen, excuse me not, fart come from the clouds! "Zhao Yun saying, Zhang Fei shouted louder," fart is a flight! "Everyone burst into laughter. Liu Bei has returned to normal. Cao Cao did not laugh, said with emotion in the field. Farewell to Liu Bei, who, after Cao Cao's men, said:" Liu Bei low , seeing a man has a slip rushing to take responsibility and strive to compensate for errors, is described as loyal. If this change of Haier, to do so? "All the people were indignant, saying in unison:" I've seen, not the ass I can do for you, so it's hard! The next time you look good. "A few days later, Liu Bei and Cao Cao and drinking, during which he wants to fart, to see how people respond. Hold for a long time, and finally the little Biechu fart hard. Everybody had to wait a long time, heard the "Goo" in the sound, in general Xuchu is impatient to get ahead quickly shouted: "Pi is a Chu (pig) put it! "Sijung Wanglang followed, said:" Pi is long (Wolf) said it! "Seek safety, said: This is Gou (dog) fart Cai Mao said: This is Mao (cat) Dengqi an eye on Cao Pi, Cao Cao others think too it slow, rush to depersonalize. Cattle King said: "This is gold fart! "Xun Yu said:" This is Yu (Jade) fart! "Cao said:" Pi is the Hong (Red)! "High-Glance, said:" Pi is the sheet (blue)! "Gan Jiang said:" fart is dry! "Sima division, said:" fart is the division (wet) that! "Xiahou Yuan said:" Pi is the Yuan (and back) and! "Cao Fang said:" fart is a party! "Cao Cao face was white, was about to attack, Jia Guo counselors said," is not right, not right! We can not say! "My number one is really a military adviser. Cao secret thought. Hear him say that. Just listen to Guo Jia said:" This is the Ka (false
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