New home renovation company looking for a home decoration and design quite satisfied, but the recommended products a bit. related questions

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New home renovation company looking for a home decoration and design quite satisfied, but the recommended products a bit.1memFISTO 2012-10-01 05:43:02
The floor had wanted to use nature , but the choice is what the decoration companies to recommend an encouraging sign that the budget can save a lot , and he says the very good quality! You can buy very cheap to live a good thing?
Praying for a nice decoration home design software ~ ~1Hale2011-12-26 23:32:56
It should be simple and easy to use, you can directly upload the map size, and in 3D, released the results of the software , furniture
How many home decoration company in Changchun1Nerd1012012-08-10 16:09:02
I thought to open the decoration company in Changchun , the prospects do not know how , not competition , and now decorating industry to what extent, there are no sources of the company 's business decor?
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home0kisu2012-06-27 16:36:01
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home
Knowledge of home decoration home wiring1Olivia2012-02-12 23:25:22
Knowledge of wiring home home decor
Graphic / Advertising Design or diverted to home improvement design, CAD drawing from the start?1Alan2012-02-24 00:15:06
Hi all , experience graphical design work on three or four years , replaced many of the company. I recently found a company in Zhejiang is the treatment of food , housing over two thousand only , I have learned over three DMAX , recently taught CAD later in his hometown to find a home improvement company , CAD wage base 800, after pumping on the farm for ten . ¿ I can ask what would dry decoration design drawing is good, or better yet, do graphic design ? ( If done graphic design work to be changed frequently ), and not to worry about the future of graphic design. Questions added: Some people say, "In general , the future of nothing flat , so it will never stop at that line" , so, if in contact with home improvement from the drawing CAD, not prone to "what are you going, John stopped at the line" and does not grow without progress ? Print ad design , do I have to do is go in that line of people .
Score Guiqiu (paper use)! ! Advertising design, home improvement professional and art design into comrades! ! ! !1ineedhelp2012-07-22 21:40:02
Asked a few professional questions: 1, showing the main function of display reflected what? 2, shows the principle layout what? 3 miles with lighting, decorative lighting, general description of the functional role and focus of light and form characteristics of 4, a brief analysis of ways to improve the efficiency of the visual transmission 5, color coordination and outlined the relationship between exhibition space
New home renovation process0Nandu/Exchange student2012-07-27 16:23:02
Even the house down, want to consult an experienced friends, renovation process and attention, thank you!
Can anyone tell me if there are websites just for trading a home for a home or a home for a business? Thank yo0hello??????2012-06-29 18:40:02
Driving test where test well, I work in Shanghai, new home in Suzhou, but Anhui my ancestral home is my home.1Janice2012-03-12 23:01:17
Driving test in which test well , I work in Shanghai, a new house in Suzhou, Anhui but my ancestral home is my home.
Construction of the general process of home renovation1Penelope2012-04-02 03:59:14
The construction of the overall process of home renovation
Home renovation how can there be no formaldehyde, no radioactive material, no VOC????1Coco2012-01-11 05:04:26
Housing Rehabilitation how there can be no formaldehyde, no radioactive material , no VOC ? ?

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