Will okc trade harden to get that florida guy? related questions

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Will okc trade harden to get that florida guy?1Hannna2012-09-12 11:25:04
i heard sam presti say they might try to get up in the draft to #5 to get some florida guy, but might lose harden!!!NOOOOOO!!! no way!! i cant stand florida now!!!!!!
Does anyone actually think the Thunder will trade Harden?5Gordon2012-10-01 14:56:02
I think it's impossible. Harden is one of their top players , and is wanted in Oklahoma City, plus it is one of their best offensive players. I would be surprised if Harden gave up just like that.
Will OKC trade James Harden?3Vianna2012-10-19 04:34:01
He was 6th man of the year but that's the reg season and nobody cares how well you do in the reg season if you can't win a ring. And it was all on James Harden that OKC lost 3 in a row after they were up 1-0. I'm not even talking about game 5 there was nothing they could do about that Mike Miller just went crazy from the arc but the three games that they lost prior to that, Harden didn't even play at all I think they should look to trade him they could get a lot of value out of him.
THIS WHY OKC SHOULD TRADE HARDEN TO BOBCATS AGREE?1combining form 예2012-09-26 11:28:02
OKC should negotiate with AHrden Bobcats for 2 of the Draft and OK Beal project. My last question was too deep for what to do this, but ill explain it again . Do not forget you have to give up Harden and Ibaka OKC after next season or they become unrestricted free agents . Durant and Westbrook already have Max and Perkins salaries are about $ 9 mill . That's $ 30 mill right not only with 3 players and u still do not consider Ibaka signed and sent Harden . Harden is a star of almost any other team and I do not see him accepting a contract with Oklahoma City that pays you $ 50 over 5 years in most of Oklahoma City could afford, when he could not get $ 80 - mill $ 85 during that same period . Do u really think he wants to be poorly paid and the 3rd option for the rest of your career? hes too good for that . and Oklahoma City can not afford big contracts with Durant , Westbrook , Harden, Ibaka , Perkins in that small market in Oklahoma City, there are already paying a lot of luxury tax and equipment that would be losing money every year. They trade Harden # 2 peak and Beal project that would be making a rookie salary level for the next 4 years yu would be able to give Ibaka too. Nobody knows how it will be good Beal, but he's supposed to be the next thing behind Anthony Davis. OKC almost have to do this cuz in my opinion, Ibaka is more valuable to the team of Harden, only because I have 2 wing players and Ibaka Elite is the only man who has great offensive talent is the best shot blocker is the NBA. It's good for both teams, the Bobcats to rebuild around a man who has been tested and is only 23 years old
Should OKC trade Perkins so they can sign both Ibaka and Harden?1mr2012-09-29 04:09:02
Perkins is overpaid at 8 mil a year
Woul you trade Harden & Westbrook of OKC for Derrick Rose?1Sade C2012-08-16 12:12:03
Good trade? jose calderon and demar derozan for james harden?0adonis2012-09-29 08:32:02
Is this a good deal? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus first, the thunder that move or harden or Ibaka , since both financially unable to sign . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus second, allowing them to move to his natural position westbrook sg . Jose is a very good base that has been top 5 in assists for the past few seasons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , I'm not saying DeRozan is as good as it hardened but still can replace his scoring sixth man . Averaged the same amount of points last season ( yes, I know DeRozan plays for a shit team so its easier to score ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think of this trade ?
Will I get more for my car trade-in in Maine before moving to Florida?0khan2012-10-24 14:55:20
Im moving to Florida this fall and may want to change my sedan in the near future. Should I move my car before moving ? Im thinking that a car that has been through Maine winters can not have as much value when traded in a car dealership in the south. The car is 8 years old and has some rust on it less visible , but not much . Beyond its quite good.
Where can I sell Florida State Fair Tickets and/or buy/trade any armbands?1gabster2012-09-16 18:10:05
I have too many entries and the bracelets are $ 30 this year. I'm not seeing any discounts unless you bought in advance. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get or exchange notes of 5 full price bracelets. I'm trying to craigslist because I like it so they will lose and can not afford to take the kids two days at these prices . Let me know by email or call 727-953-8739 if you have any ideas.I m ' not trying to sell here just get the options for selling them.
Does anybody voting for Gary Johnson or other 3rd party loser in Ohio or Florida want to trade votes for Obama?2AL 872012-08-06 01:39:02
I will vote for the libreteraian, green or anybody if you vote for Obama in the tossup states. But you must vote for Obama. OK?
Can I trade in a plane ticket that I purchased in July for Florida for a ticket four days later?2alpaca2012-10-07 10:03:02
I'm flying back to Maine from Florida and I was wondering if I could renegotiate already bought a ticket for a flight that would leave four days later? Does it cost me more ?
Durant, Westbrook, Harden getting Max contracts=Ibaka being a goner?2Payge2012-08-10 22:26:02
There is no doubt that harden to be a player in high demand , when it is a limited player and I know my Raptors would not hesitate to offer him a max . If it thunders party would have a maximum of 3 players , in addition to Perkins big contract. Even if the amnesty Perkins no way they would have money left for Ibaka . So in case you change or do you think would be more prudent to keep Ibaka and let go of Harden ?

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