Where can i buy and sell stocks online without having to pay 7 dollars per trade? im new to trading stocks? related questions

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Where can i buy and sell stocks online without having to pay 7 dollars per trade? im new to trading stocks?1Urgent!!2012-08-05 05:38:03
I'm new to buying and selling shares for a site that is easy to use would be a great
Can anyone suggest me any online trading service provider for india from USA to BUY/SELL stocks online?1Gary.L2012-11-04 05:43:05
Stocks and Online Trading: Which online brokers gives you the fastest settlement days to buy and sell?3Leigha2012-11-05 04:05:02
The actions and negotiating line : which online brokers offering faster on buying and selling solution ?
Where is the best place to start investing and trade/sell stocks online in the USA?2hmmm...2012-08-16 19:39:02
I am a beginner in investing , I've only learned the basics, and do not know what online broker that you can use without having to pay large sums of money.
I would like to start trading stocks online but i don't anything about stocks or shares. some advices?7kev2022-01-20 13:58:21
Please help if any of you knows anything.
Stocks trading online - I am very much interested but don't know squat about Stocks. Where should I start ?43mmi32022-01-20 13:20:45
Trading Stocks - I am very interested, but know nothing about stocks. Where do I start?
Stocks that trade between 20-30 dollars a share with high volume.?0gage2012-08-19 12:59:02
Please help I am looking for stocks that trade between $ 20-30 per share , at high volume . Something with a high enough volume that you can buy and sell all 2,000 shares on the same day .
How do I buy and sell stocks online?2Nefty2012-09-19 02:07:02
Hi I am looking into buying and selling stocks online but from what I have found on google I haven't actually found anything that just gives a straight answer. I originally thought about trading forex however there is a high risk factor and the possibility of losing more than I invest has put me off. I am looking at one of these options as a potential second income but I am rather confused by it all. If someone could give me a few links to help me get on the right track to trading stocks online I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance
When u sell stocks online, when do u get the money?1Son2012-11-02 12:04:01
is the company (I mean eTrade line and so on ) ur using to trade stocks to buy and sell shares ur pple to others who want to buy the stock ? MedlinePlus or do u put on the market and get ur money or when sold ? MedlinePlus thx
I lost $900 dollars this year on trading stocks can i write this off?4Loli2012-09-11 18:55:04
All actions are carried out in a year.And one I think is a useless action stock.Example value it has not made ​​a trade corridor days.My 30 says it can sell for $ 1 and I I take off the tax deduction .
How long does it usually take to buy 1 million stocks in online brokerage trading firm and how long to sell?1thanks2012-08-02 16:57:02
I would like to know time, not exactly but for example would it take arround a second, or minutes? Also what would be a nice brokerage account to do this kind of trading?
What amount of capital will it take to make 10,000 to 20,000 dollars a year day trading stocks if your good?0puzzled2012-10-22 03:16:21
I guess I can make a return of 20 per cent to 30 per year in my stock investments . thanks

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