How much is Pokemon gold trading cards worth in gold value? related questions

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How much is Pokemon gold trading cards worth in gold value?6Ehis2020-10-12 02:11:31
I have 23k gold ancient Pokemon trading cards . I wonder if it's worth the money for the value of gold ? Or should I sell them like Pokemon 'cards ' . I love to get all the answers. Thank you.
Pokemon 23k Gold Trading Cards?5Kit2021-05-10 00:05:55
I purchased 32k Gold 3 Pokemon Trading Card from a friend . I did not pay anything for them , but I have curiosity about what each must go . I have the plastic box and certificate of authenticity for all of them , but not the case outside Pokeball . The letters I have are Charizard , Jigglypuff and Poliwhirl . Thanks for the help !
How much is just one 23 karat gold pokemon trading card worth?3Carly2020-12-29 23:40:13
it has been produced to the highest standards for nintendo of america it is made from the highest quality alloy to ensure lasting value long life and beauty.
How much is a 23 karat gold plated pokemon trading card worth?1Carrick2012-10-27 03:07:02
I have all cases and certificates of authenticity .
What pokemon is worth trading for to get groudon in heart gold & soul silver?4mathishard2022-05-11 19:42:22
in heart gold i got kyogre all i need is a groudon then finaly i can catch rayquazer please help me....
23 Karat Gold-Plated Pokemon Special Edition Trading Card From 1999 worth?1diego2018-11-07 22:30:15
Mewtwo - Mint&Case&Authenticity; Togepi - Mint; Pikachu - Mint&Authenticity Yeah, we all remember that frenzy we had bugging our parents to get them for us when we were younger from Burger King. Curious to know what they would be worth today (on what sites/stores)?
So, now that Gold's lost 4.9% in a single day of trading are the Libertarian Gold-Bug wing-nuts still pushing?5Alicia2021-06-11 00:10:51
the usual diatribes about Fiat / currency Ponzi scheme or have finally learned to keep my mouth shut ?
My game boy trading cord isn't working with Pokemon Silver and my Pokemon Gold?2ganash2018-09-04 00:14:20
What should I do ? ? Thank you.
How much gold is in a 23k skulpterd solid gold trading card?4Clyde2019-10-05 04:02:42
How much gold is in a solid skulpterd card 23k gold trade ?
If gold is stoppped trading through commodity trading online will the price of gold decrease?7Aisha2021-04-26 23:22:22
similarly if lentils is also stopped trading will the price of it also decrease?
Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Pearl trading?2Destiny2022-05-11 19:40:14
Only I have a DS , but I want to change my pokemon pearl gold to my heart . Is there any way to use the GTS (Global Trading System) to exchange Pokémon with myself ?
I have all six of the pokemon 23k gold trading how much all of them go for?14Alan Burt2016-01-29 21:51:13
I have six Pokémon cards 23k Gold trading and I'm looking to sell what the six will do? and if possible how just once to

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