In the yugioh trading card game, can you summon a monster in defense mode face up? related questions

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In the yugioh trading card game, can you summon a monster in defense mode face up?2chin2012-09-05 17:22:04
In the card game yugioh trading , you can summon a monster in the face of the defense the way up?
When I special summon a monster in YuGiOh trading card game, Does it HAVE to be in face up attack?0Aden2012-07-24 12:22:02
Yugioh help on the trading card game?0Hero2012-07-08 22:46:11
ok so im dueling against my friend, and he thinks that he can play a ritual magic card for no reason. He doesnt have the ritual monster card in his hand, and he doesnt have enough monsters to sacrifice to equal the ritual monsters stars. Can he play the ritual magic card?
For the yugioh trading card game community?0.2012-07-10 06:51:05
Hi my name is William, im from Puerto Rico. I`ve been looking for ways to buy yugioh trading card game products at a cheap price. I tried asking the "Upperdeck" company but still no answer. So i just wanted to know if there is a way to buy products dirrectly from the "konami" or "Uppedeck" companys for my own personal use or i need to have a store or something like that?
Which trading card game is more fun to play? pokemon or yugioh?3help...2012-09-09 22:10:03
I played with two card games before and I can not decide which game is more fun to play ? what do you think?
Is there a way to play yugioh trading card game online?1elias2012-08-02 11:28:52
Where can i get the most information, tips, etc., etc. on the yugioh trading card game?0Derek2012-07-12 05:08:02
READ: i am having a sudden crave for yu-gi-oh and want to get the all the information, rules, tips, etc., etc. on the game. also, i have another question: what are some reputable sites where i can shop for any yugioh card every made?
What is the best way for one to find new opponents to duel with in the yugioh trading card game?0FITTY2012-07-20 13:44:02
Hey , what people? Seeking advice on how I can meet new duelists duel. I know some duelists Hot Shot and novice duelists and decent game. What should I do to get people to duel again ? I want public opinion here , so let me know what's on your mind if the views you may have something that will be a productive contribution to my question.
Hey is anyone out there familiar with the yugioh trading card game and would like to challemge me to a duel?0marinda2012-09-14 15:04:03
If so , please contact me as soon as possble or give me a message that I can explain when and where mourning because I would have it at your convenience .
Are doubles of cards aloud in yugioh trading card game?2Kiely2012-11-03 14:04:52
For example cn I have 2 monster reborns in 1 deck?
What is the best amount of synchro monsters in an extra deck in the yugioh trading card game?0miranda`2012-10-10 03:31:03
And what is the best number of tuners in a deck ?
What was the collectible card inside The Pokemon Trading Card Game: The Video Game?0Hemlock Middle School2012-09-25 02:13:02
I just saw a video game for the Game Boy Advance called The Pokemon Trading Card Game . It is basically the same as the regular games , but comes with a limited edition Pokemon card . I tried searching Google it, but found nothing . If you own , what was the card?

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