What is the meaning of clothing, apparel exports up unqualified

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What is the meaning of clothing, apparel exports to unconditional
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The clothing of so-called foreign trade, is based on national clothing manufacturers abroad or foreign input sample to the sample, while the internal processing of election materials, remaining after completion of the Order products, including fabrics, size, color view not go wrong for defective products, excess or unauthorized processing of savings and foreign tissue becomes flawless, but the "export sales national "clothing. Style of dress is often according to the specifications of America and Europe or in Japan, South Korea's preferences, the style is often in front of the household consumer perspective, the specification does not necessarily meet the characteristics of the People of the body, but due to its unique appearance, good fabric, good job, relatively low price or the number of domestic consumers. "The real clothing generally comes from the manufacturers of garments for export." Clothing, a known leader, said the new company and new styles of clothing designs are mainly provided by the client, the plot is based on the customer needs in the purchase or imported from abroad. Production manufacturers, often more than the number of customer requested a few pieces of clothing to avoid quality problems as a result of the insufficient number of pieces, but the number of multi-processing and production of clothing is not too much. Plus exports of clothing comes from before through many stringent tests conducted by "defective products", which mostly went to the clothing store clothing trade. Generally have only 2-3, not one, not more than 5 from. Oh Zhuangshan rare thing ... oh ... One more than 5 pieces from time to time, then there must be some small defects do not affect the wear.
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