Pokemon white if i change my country and reset my game will my ditto be considered from a different country? related questions

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Pokemon white if i change my country and reset my game will my ditto be considered from a different country?0Alvin2012-07-17 21:05:02
I hear if you have a pokemon breed with a pokemon from a different country it gives alot higher of a chance to get a shiny, so if i change my ds country and reset and trade a ditto to my friend will it be considered from a different country?
Is there anyone out there that want's to trade a Japanese Origin Ditto on Pokemon White?1Christopholees2012-08-15 13:06:02
I've heard of this method to raise Pokémon bright but I really need a Ditto who is of Japanese origin . This means that the Pokémon Black and White in Japan. If you have a friend of my code is : 3611 7367 9686. Thanks >.
Can I breed a traded male Munchlax with a Ditto on Pokemon White?0Cambodia2012-10-19 13:16:15
I have the game pokemon white. I'm trying to breed my male Munchlax traded with a Ditto just caught me . Day- Care man is telling me that " prefer to play with others who are. " which is not good . Should I try to catch another Ditto ? Or , when breeding with a ditto , do I have to have a woman Munchlax ? I'm a little confused now . I do not think he cared.
Is Any Country in The Middle East Safe for developing country Workers?2Demie2012-09-11 16:53:04
I Heard Contemporary slavery is manifest in a variety of forms, most commonly: Chattel slavery: a person is bought, sold, traded, inherited, or given as a gift, considered "property" (Sudan, Mauritania) Debt Bondage: someone is forced to work, held as collateral against a debt they or a relative owe (India, Nigeria, Florida) Sex Slavery: mostly women and girls forced to have sex with "clients," often without protection (Thailand, former Soviet republics, United Kingdom) Forced Labor: including forced domestic work, construction work, work in restaurants, night clubs, and many other types (Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil) Middle East: Sri Lankan Domestic Workers Face Abuse Middle East countries employ bulk of Sri Lankan domestic workers. Sri Lankan women migrate to the Middle East as domestic workers annually-125000.
(Pokemon White) Can someone give me a ditto? I'll hatch you a Charmander, Snivy or Trapinch if you do.?0alobi2012-07-30 15:14:01
I want to get into breeding pokemon for trade, but I don't have a ditto and I'm not all that far along in the game yet (yeah I know, play the game. I'm working on it). Anyone got a spare? I'll use it to breed one of the above three for you.
Why do people still label our country a capitalist country?0Function2012-10-21 02:10:05
"A system of capitalism is sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank . Capitalism appreciated voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings , not credit creation by a central bank . Not capitalism when the system is plagued with incomprehensible rules regarding mergers , acquisitions, and stock sales , along with wage controls , price controls , protectionism , corporate subsidies , international management of trade , complex and punishing corporate taxes , privileged government contracts to the military -industrial complex , and a foreign policy controlled by corporate interests and investments abroad. Add to this centralized federal mismanagement of farming , education, medicine , insurance, banking and welfare . does not is capitalism ! "
How can i know what product that have in my country that people need in their country but they don't have it ?0mikalah2012-10-09 19:05:51
I'm interested in world trade ..
Why does the spot exchange rate change based on the current account/trade balance of a country?0tiffany mccormick2012-09-23 02:44:01
The question I asked to forecast the spot rate one year in the future if Japan has a current account surplus and the U.S. has a current account deficit . So I would say that the yen should appreciate in value based on this, but I do not quite understand why it would happen.
Does trading a pokemon back and forth (black/ white versions) reset its happiness, or will it be like before?0stacy2012-07-27 20:11:01
Do you have a pokemon trade round (available in black / white ) restore their happiness , or will be like before?
Pokemon white game sync?1chy'anne2012-07-21 19:36:02
my pokemon white can do global trade and i can connect to the browser and all that, says i have a internet connection, it also told me the server was under matentince but any hour every day ive tried for 2 weeks i get error code 13204 and it sucks cause i just want to battle, now i have a WEP and WPA ive tried with both, no differance, but one last thing, i did use a action replay cause my dsi brocke after i spent FOREVER getting my awsome team together, i needed a new one and yes i am using a dsi, so please help and mabye we can battle some time
Would someone be willing to trade a Rayquaza in my Pokemon White game?0phil2012-07-26 07:18:01
I can trade, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Thundurus or Volcarona
Anyone willing to trade me the 3 hoenn starters to my pokemon white game please? :D?1Algebra 22012-09-05 00:24:03
Anyone willing to negotiate the first 3 Hoenn pokemon white my game please? : D?

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