What is the best trading system for on-line stock and option trading? related questions

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What is the best trading system for on-line stock and option trading?3nur2012-11-05 05:24:02
There are may different systems for trading on line. Some are Dynamic Trend, Teach Me To Trade, etc...
Which websites evaluate on-line advisers who provide recommendations for stock and /or option trading?2Yoli2019-08-26 18:13:55
What websites do you assess / compare online advisors that provide recommendations for action and / or option trading ?
Has anyone tried "Fountain if Money". It's an Option trading system by George Leonge.?1rusty trambone 2012-11-02 22:35:02
Has anyone tried " Source if Money " . This is an options trading system by George Leonge . ?
Option Trading, Volatility of Stock, Option Price, Price Movement?0RyanW2012-09-30 21:52:02
From what I understand , an option will have large price movements if the underlying stock has a low volatility , and then makes a big change in the price , if a stock with a high MedlinePlus voliatility makes a large price change ... Would that be an accurate statement ?
What is the best on-line stock trading company?0Kgomotso2012-09-30 01:32:02
What is the best online stock trading company ?
~* What experiences have YOU had with on-line stock trading?0Tino Martinez2012-07-11 18:22:02
I am thinking of dabbling in on-line stock trading and want to get an idea of experiences, good and bad, about it. Does anyone have any recommendations as to brokers, etc? How do I select a broker; I see there is a LOT of competition out there and wondered if suggestions could be made: who/what worked for YOU? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
How to get on line acess to stock trading?0ninot2012-09-18 15:54:03
How to upload online acess to trading ?
What is the % tax on stock option trading?1Shadowkillazt 2012-09-29 21:38:25
Say for total gains on profit from trading simple calls and puts
Stock option trading questions?1Jaan2012-10-23 05:29:02
First, if you buy a call option and the intrinsic value is 2 .... benefit if the exercise is 200 U.S. $ . MedlinePlus Need money to buy 100 shares of fact or you sell an option you bought because it has increased the value ? ? ?
Option trading - Without purchase of stock?1Fatih2012-09-17 09:33:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I wonder how you can take advantage of the options on a call option and a put option without having to buy the underlying asset ? for example. Stock MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this possible ? If so , how?
I am confused about option trading in stock mkt.?2Nisar2012-11-05 10:35:05
I'm still confused about option trading MedlinePlus I know that when ur bullish on a stock, u can buy call option or put option selling . MedlinePlus Suppose I think the price of a stock will go up in a month or two . Having decided to buy a call that I buy Several ra ------ 1 month called trade with different exercise price . in which the purchase price MedlinePlus shouldi What is the maxium premium you 'll give ? MedlinePlus What is the maxium amount of stocks that I buy in a batch ? Suppose you buy at the strike price lower than the prize ? What is deep in the money that is trading at a higher premium that is out of the money that trades at a premium discount
Any one has experiences on trading stock option?3foo2012-10-10 08:23:03
Did he gain or lose ?

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