What is the minimum volume to call a stock "good liquidity stock" for day trading in indian stock market? related questions

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What is the minimum volume to call a stock "good liquidity stock" for day trading in indian stock market?0REINY PLEASE HELP ME!2012-07-17 12:05:02
What is the minimum to call an action " sufficient liquidity stock " for the day trading in Indian stock market ?
Morning Calls ,Who is giving best stock market tips in trading indian stock market?0Ging2012-07-09 00:38:02
I want to open onlie Stock market trading account with any of the following, to work with your regional director for the sale and purchase of the advice given by them Angel Broking LITD Kotak Securities Ltd Motilal Oswal securities Ltd Edelwise Sharekhan India Bulls Religare Securites Ltd or other pl give logic, if a body is good, not on the basis of brokerge but on the ground of good calls in the Thebaid of analyst and research team
Good trading portal for indian stock market.?0Shelly,k2012-08-25 20:59:18
I'm using icicidirect.com . I want to get one more for other investment strategy . below are my priorities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Transaction costs on MedlinePlus 2. UI facility
What is the best way to invert in Indian Stock market? Is online trading a good option for a small investor?0Jr.2012-07-14 14:40:02
What are the brokerage rates charged for buying & selling shares, by different online companies? Which company charges the lowest brokerage?
Can any one suggest me some good trading software & trading startgies for indian stock market?0Shanta2012-07-05 08:59:01
please help me iam new in this world
Can a non US citizen do trading stock online to buy stock in US stock market from abroad, like from indonesia?1Team A-Jean2015-07-14 02:27:49
for example. How do you do that ? the amount of funds you need ?
In stock trading, volume is the total stock bought and sold. Can we know the buy and sell numbers separately?1Marquel52012-10-23 09:49:02
In stock trading , the total volume of stock is bought and sold . Can we know the purchase and sale of separate numbers ?
Problem in understanding stock market trading volume?3S. Silverstein2012-11-02 03:30:03
How to determine whether a volume bar represents low,normal ,high or excessive volume? Is it done by comparing with some standard volume? If yes,how to obtain that standard value? Are there fixed percentage ranges to classify volume as low/normal/high/excessive? Whenever a sudden high volume appears after a series of almost similar volumes, I have trouble in classifying that volume as being high or being excessive.Please help.
What is the absolute minimum you need to start trading in the stock market?0Iah2012-09-18 15:50:02
What is the absolute minimum you need to start trading in the stock market ?
Is there any significance to the big pickup in volume today on the stock market trading?2zech2012-10-12 01:37:02
There were over 2 billion NYSE shares traded today than yesterday when the market fell 500 points Is this a sign that the market is about to turn ?
Can any one suggest technical software for stock trading in Indian stock mkt ?1Live like nonsense sentence2015-07-14 02:29:59
im interested in buying software technical trade / e investing in Indian stock market , I can get demo ? pl suggest . thanks
How to Find Stock Trading Tips For indian Stock Markets?0arshdeep2012-09-10 08:13:02
Like a good place http://www.bullrider.in

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