Urban summer dress with white collar office aristocratic beauty, fashion ladies suit

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Urban white summer dress with collar office aristocratic beauty, fashion ladies clothing
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Summer urban white-collar office aristocratic beauty, fashion ladies dress suit with a "May Day" golden holidays are over, oh, the office of aristocratic beauty to win their hearts and be proud of? Temperatures began to rise as the whole country, oh, spring wear fashion who wear the body out of the start date, people are already wearing the MM summer, "the wing" went Fashion to the streets on a date, do not notice, yesterday See also the girl next door, a cool dress? Under her dress casually asked who taught him? She said to dress according to the main store in the world to see the beauty, fashion, women selected in the store! 1. Casual sleeveless pantsuit wild +, a classic shirt. Cool sleeveless dress, pictures of the provision of leisure than the stars. Design highlights the waist lace hem, type of body modification. Atmosphere of a great summer shorts, baggy pants are exaggerated highlight not only easy to create a complete sense of leisure, but also the style of stars. 2. V-neck knit shirt + jeans outfit straight small, very elegant extravagance of a summer jersey, super temperament V diamond-encrusted necklace. The next meeting wearing nothing but black jeans straight, a black top and bottom, the office of the image of the house woman of the aristocracy, revealing the beauty of urban white-collar workers of the simple life! 3. Printed football shirt + ripped jeans suit radiant, very fashionable wild-type print a shirt, what to wear with what, how, what the temperament of fashion, you see, everything that a star is captured Europe and America Prepared foot holes made frayed jeans, this dress gives the impression of a star! 4. Small tape wild + + using white jeans, sweater sets, very little personality of a white ribbon wild exterior holes knitted sweaters, dresses paired with our special white for grinding double zero seven thin wash jeans image fashion ladies of the city is the best view of all home women often wear at home or occasionally go shopping, the high rate of interest would certainly be good Oh! 5. Apple t-shirt + trousers + vest suit, Apple is very personalized printed shirt, vest and a very fashionable denim, work very well, was thin and wild, download a special allocation specifically for leisure pants, which is the female image fashion house! 6. Color Chart jersey shirt + jeans + pink wild game, a source in the vest over a certain thickness, the letters in front of bright color map, the more generous increase drilling magnificent hot stretch fabric front yy also good. Temperament very elegant, the shirt is in the streets, with the shirt and intellectual. Memories of pink. Rosa is not too high saturation selected to compare wild, will not make people feel uncomfortable "color".
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