How do you remove stickers from the backs of trading cards without damaging the cards? related questions

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How do you remove stickers from the backs of trading cards without damaging the cards?1 조동사 2012-11-03 16:28:03
I was sticker prices for the back of business cards for years for a garage sale (stupid I know). Now I want to try to sell , but I doubt you can with the stickers on .
Fleer Baseball logo stickers and trading cards 8914-A 1989 Set?0Alina2012-07-09 15:35:02
I have a face without opening Baseball logo stickers and trading cards box . the serial number on the button is 8614 -A and it is a set of 1989. the factory seal is not broken thus , the cards are perfect conditions. I wonder two things. 1 . What cards and the interior of the box. 2 . What is this all worth it? Thank you very much .
I laminated some of my trading cards. I want to remove the lamination but afraid of destroying it.?0rishi2012-07-13 13:19:01
How can I remove the lamination without destroying the trading card (and its value)? Is there a device or any scientific way of removing it.
How can i find sports trading cards worth money in my HUGE stack of cards?0Noe2012-07-18 11:39:02
I have a case full of 2000 + collectors as baseball cards , football and hockey player. There is no particular name , years , types of cards, etc, or to seek to find cards worth something ?
What is the release date of WWE ultimate rivals trading cards and TNA impact cards?1emmi2012-09-28 18:43:03
What is the release date for WWE rival last trading cards and cards of TNA iMPACT ?
Does anyone know the manufactorers of Collector's Edge sports trading cards and there website? i have 5 cards0Hector2012-07-29 12:09:57
i have 5 cards that i cant find anywhere on the internet please help i tried ebay and beckett already
I have 1996 Yu-gi-uh trading cards. Do they have any real value as single cards or sets?1Dr2012-08-14 05:20:02
I have 1996 Yu-gi -uh cards. Do they have any real value , as individual cards or in groups?
how do you remove stickers?1Goddar2012-05-18 07:24:55
How to remove stickers?
How to remove stickers pasted on the solid wood furniture1Iva2011-12-22 05:01:55
Published in the child's head before the pasta , then it is down now , I hope to enlighten me a good way!
What are some trading cards cards for girls?0Alex LaVelle2012-08-02 09:20:02
I have my mom's permission to be on her yahoo account since i'm 12. I was wondering what are some trading cards for girls? I don't really like sports ones, bella sarah,pokemon, or american girls. I defiantly don't want webkinz trading cards. I like animals specially horses and dogs. I want to collect trading cards that are easy to find like in target or something. I would also like there to be a big selection of trading cards like pokemon. Do u have any suggestions?
Webkinz trading cards. Are the pictured items on the cards the items that you receive when u put in your code?2Tanner2012-07-13 14:47:03
I have a pack of the Webkinz trading cards but have not entered the codes that came with them yet. I want to know if I have a card that shows a picture of a food item or a furniture item..will that be the item I get when I enter the codes that came in the pack?
How many cards are in each complete set of 1992 and 1992 Marvel Masterpiece trading cards?0Stripperella2012-07-11 00:14:03
My husband needs to know.... He bought 2 "complete" sets of 1992 and 1993 Marvel Masterpiece Cards. He knows he is missing the checklists for both, buts wants to know how many cards are in each set to know if he was cheated or not.

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