Why does alexandrite appear to change color in sunlight and artificial light? related questions

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Why does alexandrite appear to change color in sunlight and artificial light?1Osmon2012-01-15 04:29:45
Why alexandrite appear to change color in sunlight and artificial light?
The light blue hair and long belt she hats inside the color is white, what color inside with clothes), and what and what color pants boots0FROGG52012-07-27 05:09:02
The light blue hair and a long belt inside the hat color is white, what color inside with clothes) , and what and what color pants boots
Why do I use PS to add light to the image of diamonds, the effect of light on the diamond color chart is black?1ABBIE 2012-02-05 01:00:07
As the title , online, etc, please expert help , thanks!
How to change start bar color?1Can not help but ╰ つ 2012-07-28 09:02:02
Windows now available only silver / green / blue, black , three color I want , what the software can help my
Can a color-blind person imagine colors they can't see? (concerns UV light)?2Rony2012-09-22 02:37:02
Suppose a person is color-blind and cannot see the color blue. Is it theoretically possible for this person to imagine (correctly) what blue would look like in his/her head? Or is it outside of his sense of reality? I guess the real question that I'm leading to is, would it be possible for an ordinary person to imagine colors they can't see (outside of the visible spectrum), for example ultra violet? If you could for a day trade vision with an insect and see the UV colors it can see, and then come back, would you be able to describe or remember the non-visible colors you saw? Or would UV to them look the same as some other color does to us? It's difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea of imagining non-visible colors, because my instinctive reaction is that if we can possibly imagine and represent in our minds a color not visible to us, then it must by definition become a visible color (why couldn't it exist if you can get some sense of it)? Can YOU imagine/invent a color you've never seen before (even if it is within the visible spectrum but you've never seen it due to limited exposure to the world)? It has to be a unique color, and not some varying shade of another.
What light yellow color of the bedroom lights and curtains to match1Darre2012-03-13 01:30:59
What color light yellow lights and matching curtains
Shanghai suede change color1Cornelia2012-04-12 03:09:44
Shanghai, where I can put suede shoes in a dark color ? Cost? How to change color fastness after? Affect the quality of the leather ?
Coffee reddish floors, light green color of the walls with furniture?1Malaysia2012-03-01 23:52:48
Provisional to compare the floor of red- brown background of the wall is white , light green handpainted table , living room furniture , ready to use wood color , not like the color of a sofa, ask the .
Beige walls, white furniture, light yellow flooring, color TV backdrop with God Why1dormouse2012-03-11 22:20:07
Thanks , best of the United States that a little heat
Sina opened in Bo, writing articles how to change the font color?1seal2011-12-26 06:41:52
Sina Bo opened in the drafting of articles of how to change the font color ?
Desktop icon changes blue, the word is whiten color, how to change come back?1 ωǒ Bu good ⿺ -2012-05-21 18:39:57
The picture that my little brother got into a piece of net yesterday as the desktop, as late as after changing the desktop theme that responds to XP, can not be transparent under the name of a desktop graph view , be colored completely blue , the blue icon name change , how you can change it back?
How to take out of this picture. The light is very soft feel, what if you need to buy the best light. Light of the position display.1Boyc2012-03-08 18:03:20
[ Img ] http://www1.tx8.cn/photo/jby626/200744175427894.JPG

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