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How would have you reacted if you were me?0sneha2012-07-17 02:59:02
1 or 2 game grizzles heat , I was sitting in a bar and I was sitting next to a random girl who happened to be a fan Clippers. I'm not a fan of the NBA (the university is where your least for me) , but I will watch the playoffs. Naturally , their roots against the Clippers and Blake Griffin ( Oklahoma was ) because I'm a Tennessee Vols fan and long horns . and stayed up half the time , while the Clippers were being mistreated . so, fustrated and I wondered why he was a fan Clippers (we are in North Carolina ). she said it was a Lakers fan , but became a fan of clippers because I thought Blake Griffin was hot and the Lakers were not doing well ( by his standards) . to this day I do not know how I kept a straight face, but every time I think about how to negotiate from a Lakers fan , one of the best sports organizations of all time to the Clippers , the top of the league since its inception I lose . BQ- what all the ads are / were the best ? 1 - Geico commercial situations ( did the pig cry wee, wee, wee all the way home ? ) 2 - Isaiah Mustafa ( Old Spice guy ) 3 - Dos Equis ( the most interesting man in the world) 4 - State Farm commercials ?
How Have People Reacted To The Usage Of EcoRide?0qionab2021-06-10 08:54:55
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