Is there any restriction that I have to sell a stock [bought for day trading purpose] at that day? related questions

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Is there any restriction that I have to sell a stock [bought for day trading purpose] at that day?2Chaney2012-08-23 21:59:03
Suppose you bought 10 shares of XYZ for the purpose of day trading ... but the share price down much during the day .... Is there some rule that I have to sell that day before the market closed or I have to for the next day or so ?
In stock trading, volume is the total stock bought and sold. Can we know the buy and sell numbers separately?1Marquel52012-10-23 09:49:02
In stock trading , the total volume of stock is bought and sold . Can we know the purchase and sale of separate numbers ?
How let in the trading day can you sell a stock as market order and expect to have it bought?0Skele2012-09-27 21:34:03
How will the trading day and can sell a stock market order and expect to have bought it?
Scottrade Day Trading Restriction- Stock Market?0Rose_Mary2012-09-26 01:29:03
Okay, so I have a margin account with Scottrade and trade recently raped three days in a period of 5 days rule . This was my first offense and I was told that I will be restricted for 90 days margin . I need this margin , what are my options . Should I open another account with Scottrade ? Is that allowed ? Or should I transfer to another broker ? Any suggestions ?
What is the purpose of the settlement date in online stock trading?0Kiss 。。。2012-10-23 10:26:23
If XYZ bought 1000 for total of $ 1000 in my account on Monday and sold the same amount on Monday ( today a total of $ 1100 in my account ) , why do I have to wait until Thursday to buy again with the $ 1100 in my account? Should not I be able to buy and sell and buy back all day Monday ? Is there a way around this system without just adding more money to the account ?
What's the purpose of the trading floor in the NY stock exchange? shouldn't everything be electronic by now?1Rogan Anantharajh2016-10-21 03:19:11
What is the purpose of floor trading on the NYSE ? everything that should not be electronic at this point?
How to sell shares offline in India if I bought it through my online trading account?0macaw2012-07-25 07:38:02
I am having an religare online trading account. Since I rarely using the account, I decided to close this account and I am not going to open any trading account but I have some shares of Reliance Power and Reliance Infra in it. Is there any way, I close this account now and in future I can sell these shares offline?
Furong District Court in the zone I bought a set of 70 square meters of the attic to sell, submitted in December this year, What are the procedures? How to buy after the second set to sell?0Delores2012-07-28 04:11:02
Furong District Court in the area I bought a set of 70 square feet of attic to sell, launched in December this year , what are the procedures? How to buy after the second series to sell?
What happens when the company you bought stock in stops trading?1krystle2012-10-22 11:30:03
I bought stock in a company 2 years ago, now their ticker is no longer valid and I can't find a record of it even when I do a name search. My online portfolio says $0. The company is definitely still around, their web site is up and current, I've tried contacting them by phone and email but can't get through. Have I lost my money??
I just bought a stock on scottrade but it says "QUEUED: NEXT TRADING DAY"?1Sherell2012-08-25 06:49:02
I thought when you buy a stock with scottrade it goes almost through instantly and you own it right then??? I didnt just go to trade and click buy, I went to the little streaming quotes page looked up my stock and bought it from there. I really wanted to own it today! Thanks, Merry Christams!
If this stock got bought out to what will amount to $45 a share, why is it trading at $43?0Nhlanhla2012-07-17 06:25:01
Is this a two-dollar arbitration ? Or are other costs are a factor in the account for this difference. Company: Cytyc Corporation the ticker symbol : cytc
Has anyone bought the 3 step stock trading package off this guy?2mangtonio2012-09-15 15:21:04
have been watching the online videos from Mark and he seems genuine, but before I part with my cash, I would like to know if anyone else has signed up for his 3 step trading package. See website: [email protected]

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