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You're thoughts on the Carlos lee trade?0taylor B2012-07-17 01:29:02
Astros get Matt Dominguez and Rob Rasmussen Marlins get Carlos lee
What are your thoughts of the Mets trading Carlos Beltran to the Giants?0AK2012-07-26 22:17:02
Yankees Inquire Cubs about Carlos Zambrano thoughts ?0Warda2012-10-06 13:57:45
Baker company stock is selling at $42 per share when Carlos sells 200 shares of stock short. today Carlos buys0res2012-09-23 06:56:02
Shares of Baker company is selling at $ 42 per share when Charles sold 200 shares short term . Today Carlos buys the shares at a price of $ 45 to cover their position . ignoring trading costs , what is the return on investment in dollars of Carlos ?
Carlos Boozer Trade Options?1Karina2012-10-15 15:12:03
Here are some possibilities of trade Carlos Boozer. What do you think ? Option 1 of ~ ~ 306 510 and teams = 14 ~ 14 ~ 26 & te = & Cash = . Option 2 . Option 3 . Option 4 ~ 125 & teams = 12 ~ 26 & te = and cash =
Should the Dodgers trade Loney for Carlos Lee?2y helo thar2012-10-06 00:48:02
Would this help or hurt the Dodgers? Loney has been unproductive so far this season and it seems that Carlos Lee still has some pop in his bat.
Can the Bulls trade Carlos Boozer for any real players?2ferret2012-09-01 22:25:03
I get that he has a baaad contract and is softer than Glen Big Baby Davis but do any of you guys think that there is a team out there that might want him even if the Bulls get another bad contract in return? At this point I have accepted that Dwight does not want to come here but regardless I hope there is a way the bulls can unload Booze and maybe watson or Hamilton for a real SG and to enable Taj Gibson to start and fully develop. So any hope guys?
Why did Carlos Lee veto the trade and not want to go to the LA Dodgers, a winning team?2Babyboo2012-08-24 01:06:21
So why has the trade for Carlos Boozer and Kyle korver such a success for DA BULLS?3Sanca & Cho2012-09-04 23:59:04
I know why! Because D. Rose is playing very well in just his third season. It also has better athletic ability than Deron Williams. D. Is it well, but Rose is a special talent ! Future legend in the making! Go Bulls ! ! Boo jazz fans , who are as sensitive as Chipper fans , lol.
Is trading Victor Martinez for Soriano or Carlos Lee a good trade?2Inez Williams2012-08-05 19:32:02
I want to change Victor and I can get either of these two
NBA: Thoughts on this trade?0SHELIA MANNER2012-10-24 18:38:36
Russell Westbrook for Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thunder get a facilitator nn another great defender inside scorer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus while the Celts get a player to build around for the future and a future Superstar in Westbrook MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you were the GM for both teams , would you accept this trade ?
Thoughts on this trade?2AK2012-11-03 18:46:03
Thoughts on this trade ? I've been thinking about the possibility of trading Bosh heat and this is the best job you can reach: Heat Trades : Chris Bosh (Houston ), Mike Miller (Houston ) Dexter Pittman ( Nuggets ) Mario Chalmers ( Nuggets ) Joel Anthony ( Nuggets ) second round selection from Minny ( Nuggets ) future first round pick ( Nuggets ) Houston Trades : Luis Scola (heat ) Kyle Lowry (heat ) Courtney Lee (heat ) Jordan Hill ( Nuggets ) Terrence Williams ( Nuggets ) Brad Miller ( Nuggets ) 1 st round pick ( Nuggets ) Nuggets Trade : Timofey Mozgov (heat ) Ray Felton ( Rockets) Kosta Koufus (Houston ) This trade works and makes sense to me for 3 teams. The Heat get 2 quality bigs in Scola and Mozgov and get a good foundation that can make groups of three in Lowry. The Rockets get a star all in Bosh and a slight upgrade at the point of Felton. While JR Smith (he said he 's not coming back ), Wilson Chandler, and Kenyon Martin are a free agent after this year and will not be able to keep the 3 so you get a young point Chalmers, Williams 3 talent , young large hill and includes some

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