Miami should trade Bosh??10pts!!!?

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Asked at 2012-07-16 20:51:01
Bosh is not a defensive player that can hold down the paint for Miami, he is more of a scorer, I think they should go out and get someone that is a very good defensive player, Bosh can score and get points but they already have Lebron and Wade who can get 30 or 40 a night.

I bet money that if Miami loses in the playoffs then its going to be because of someone exposing their weak point in the paint like Hibbert did the other night. Maybe Bynum, Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Al Jefferson, even Deandre Jordan who is a really good defensive player but has not established an offensive game.

Dwight Howard would be Ideal but I don't think Orlando will ever give up Howard, even if he decides to leave Orlando Miami would never have enough money to sign Howard unless they give up Bosh.

Miami will never give up Wade because he is too valuable to them. So everyone can stop all this Wade being traded crap.

I'm not a Miami fan BTW, I just know that Miami was dumb for signing three offensive stars and completely forgetting about defense.
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"I just know that Miami was dumb to the signing of three offensive stars and forgetting the defense "


LeBron is the best defense at or below its position in the NBA. Wade has been an advocate of the team for several years. Bosh is a very capable defender . More heat games . Defense is not even his problem, his production getting from people not named James , Wade or Bosh.
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