Did Dan Gilbert: Care about Laker fans, when he ruined Chris Paul trade? related questions

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Did Dan Gilbert: Care about Laker fans, when he ruined Chris Paul trade?0⺌ (. High fever ℃ 2012-07-16 14:55:02
Should he have mind his business? since it had nothing to do with him etc. Only reason he wanted to block the trade was the fact Lakers are Big Market team.. What about the fans, did they have a right to be punish? They were looking forward to that trade I believe...
Do you think trading Chris Bosh for Chris Paul a good deal or should i trade Al Jefferson for Paul?0Danial Dunson2012-07-11 02:56:02
Also is jason terry a keeper?
Chris paul trade urgent?0katt2012-10-10 08:41:12
This is the perfect time for the Hornets to cash in. already have Darren Collison , a stallion how about OJ Mayo and Marc Gasol and first for chris paul . Hornets acquire a legit center and the really rare and getting a future star in sg position . Marcus Thornton is a legitimate professional , but I see more advantages with mayonnaise . then they could pack as peja thornton and a second of Danny Granger . alignment would MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PG - Darren Collison MedlinePlus SG - OJ Mayo MedlinePlus sf- Danny Granger MedlinePlus PF - David West MedlinePlus 5 Marc Gasol MedlinePlus MedlinePlus this would be one of the most complete lines starting in the NBA and most of them are not even close to his best.
Laker Fans would you trade Gasol for Harris and Jefferson?0Pls help!2012-08-01 07:57:08
Or would you rather have Millsap and Harris? Who would you guys want from the Jazz. Jefferson and Harris are both expiring contracts so it would be favorable to you guys
What do u guys think about this trade that would send chris paul to orlando?0Destiny2012-10-11 06:14:56
MedlinePlus http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2dalzf3 MedlinePlus New Orleans has an expiring contract with Vince Carter (if he decides not to pick up his option ) and get a good point guard Jameer Nelson who is the holder and center Marcin Gortat from ! New Orleans at the end will be able to save money by eliminating Emeka Okafor and Chris Paul contracts and start again next summer !
Laker fans this trade will likely happen gasol for scola martin and a better PG and they go after beasley for?3Sara2012-11-02 06:40:02
who ever thats a good trade for the rockets since kevin mchale has been wanting a big man they need to trade gasol
Would the Knicks have a better shot at landing Tony Parker in a trade more so than Chris Paul?0Toshi2012-10-27 09:30:40
I think even if Chris Paul 's heart is in New York and he will not sign an extension , the Hornets probably change it before the deadline to a contender that could offer more and be willing to take the risk of signing a extension , as the Lakers , Blazers , Magic and Grizzlies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, Tony Parker is a very responsible asset that the Knicks could acquire . The Knicks could offer much Billups expiration Spurs would cap space to rebuild when Duncan retires , Tony Douglas , which would be their starter of the future , and Landry Fields could be a very good player and all-star in this league that can Ginobili replaced in about two years .
Will the Hornets have more leverage in trading Chris Paul to trade him earlier in the season?1salassia2012-09-04 06:02:03
I think more contending teams will be willing to trade with the Hornets because they believe they will be able to convince him to resign.
Is this a good trade? Chris Bosh and Mike Miller for Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson?0big red2012-07-22 22:24:06
I see this as good for both teams the Heat really need a couple big guys and the Jazz need to make more room in their frontcourt the salaries work too. What are your thoughts?
SMH All Laker fans:(?1kennisha2012-08-16 16:43:02
well I had to do this as I am a laker fan my self Lakers fans are like a planet. shell there are 5 of the Lakers fans let me explain . Shell 5 - up fans of the band of the car dont care dont watch play for the team and only the root of them. and have no knowledge of basketball shell 4 - Lakers fans who know a little about the team and go for them because of winning and , finally , talk about a lot of junk Shell 3 - ( The worst fans ) know what's up with the team and the statistics like the team, but to invent things and garbage for stupid for example, Dwight Howard for trade and Bynum are your favorite team and , finally , fighting all other rubbish and trash talk more Shell 2 - fans who love their team for their team, even in a bad season and think about what is best for his team , now and in future they do not talk trash that was just defending his team shell 1 - Lakers better and finer than Lakers fans do not talk trash to worry about the other are simply all the Lakers to the best knowledge and think about what is best for them what is personally important boarderline shell 2.1 shell
BASKETBALL: Where are the Laker fans?3leleirvin2012-11-02 10:11:01
I bet they are on Trade Machine or making articles about trading role-players for all-stars. Let's go Heat. LeBron Finals MVP.
Why do you Laker fans actually think your going to get Dwight Howard?2Min2012-11-03 08:59:02
(Some) of you Laker fans are just funny. If you haven't heard, they recently accepted Andrew Bynum's team option. Yes they could trade for Dwight Howard. But that will not happen! Dwight Howard has made it clear that he wants to go to Brooklyn not Los Angeles. Just because of the new addition of Steve Nash, that doesn't mean that Dwight Howard will want to go there now. Steve Nash will only be playing for probably 2 more years.

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