What does it mean that Japan and China will trade their currencies directly without the US dollar? related questions

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What does it mean that Japan and China will trade their currencies directly without the US dollar?1Sachin2012-08-08 11:35:02
Is this an attack in the currency wars?
Russia and China begin trading with each other in their own currencies and not the dollar?0makalay2012-07-12 01:18:47
If the US DOLLAR collapse the biggest loosers will be SAUDI ARABIA,JAPAN,CHINA&INDIA.Do you agree??2Ariana2012-11-03 20:33:01
The resrves currency will be useless . MedlinePlus 1] U.S. dollar will fall by 40 % over the next 20 years. MedlinePlus 2] The Americans have been living above its internal MedlinePlus means.US debt is $ 8.5 trillion or $ 28,000 for every American MedlinePlus . 3] U.S. has increased its interest rate to 5.5% and rising more MedlinePlus not possible. 4] In March 28.2006 Asian Development Bank advises MedlinePlus members to be prepared for a dollar collapse MedlinePlus 5] Dollar is similar to a promissory note of a defunct finance company . MedlinePlus 6] Iraq's WMD has been partly neutralized but Iran and MedlinePlus Venzuela has still has this WMD [ weapons of mass destruction that oil trade MedlinePlus in other currencies ] MedlinePlus Information from article by Henry CK Lieu , Venkatesh MedlinePlus and others.
US Dollar Index - Against Which Day Trading Forex Currencies Has The US Dollar Rallied?1Dawb2022-08-08 01:45:42
Why is the cost of American dollar reducing against other currencies, is it the trade deficit only.?0lisha2012-10-01 02:49:03
Why is the cost of the U.S. dollar against other currencies reduction is the trade deficit only. ?
What does china trade with Japan?0Linta2012-10-02 15:32:03
what does China trade with Japan and what the Chinese imports from Japan . MedlinePlus Please do not say u think China imports and exports this and this . MedlinePlus daily need relevant information MedlinePlus this would help SO much MedlinePlus thanks :)
What causes the Dollar to fluctuate against other currencies?0Nicole:)2012-10-27 16:53:13
I have the impression that the strength of the U.S. economy is likely to be a key determinant , but the economic indicators in the U.S. have been quite strong for the past few years ( apart from some issues like the housing market falling and the credit crisis that does not seem to be a number of issues purely American ) and the dollar continues to lose ground against other currencies . Someone told me that since oil is traded in international markets based on the dollar , rising oil prices brought down the dollar. But I thought the international markets to trade have changed based on the euro , and even if that were the case , what does that have to do with the dollar . I also think it is possible that currency traders , who are people , they can also lower the dollar and the world anti - American sentiment prevailing wide. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I appreciate all the feedback on this topic !
In 2003 U.S did more trade, imports and exports, with Japan than it did with Mainland China?0Alexis Muzquiz2012-07-31 19:45:02
In 2003 , USA did more trade, imports and exports, with Japan than it did with China ?
Why are the USD, Euro, Yen, Pound, Australian dollar one of the most traded currencies?0Dea2012-08-05 10:47:48
Include examples such as GDP size, trade, interest rate and other factors.
Why is the US dollar falling against all other major currencies since the last couple of years?1Mrs M2012-08-23 16:20:03
Is it due to the policies of the U.S. Government to reduce the large trade deficit, or some other reason ?
If Japan stopped trading with China, how would it affect China?5aldren2012-09-30 06:11:02
If Japan ceased trading with China, how would it affect China?
Confused about China, currencies and the economy?0Pyrgus2012-10-17 03:25:19
Hello, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need someone to explain this to me, as I am seriously confused about the whole problem of stagnant economies, currency value, high growth in China, etc. This will be a long post, but please read out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first thing - since the Bretton Woods system has been in place, currencies worldwide are not backed by gold. This means that all the money is virtual and its value comes only from their scarcity and perceived value. This also means that any government or central bank if you want / need can have power over your money (amount outstanding, and trade value). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, the U.S. and the EU have a problem with high debt and a stagnant economy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is, why do we (the U.S. and the EU) have to get money from China VIRTUAL nonexistent, in order to support our own nonexistent virtual currency? Of course, I will mention that if you print money, causing inflation - but do not think that makes any sense, and here's why MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus The national budget is fixed and determined. This means that more or less all expenses are planned in the previous year. All costs which can not be covered, are paid by the credit money. This means that the money still to spend in the economy that year any way (if you have to lose money to a credit line or printing, you will still end up in the economy). Inflation will be the same, since the same amount of money is spent. MedlinePlus The only difference is whether you will also be paying interest to another country with virtual money, and thus stimulate the economy (as a side effect to its policy of not printing money). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And that's my confusion. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe someone can explain?

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