Does science and technology of electric equipment of Shanghai million snow expand limited company excuse me this company whether sincere letter?

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We apologize for this company if the letter sincere
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This type of problem can be believed secure page to perform a credit company investigates Http :/ / / athena / trustsearch.html or reach Ba Bacheng complain Bury A forum to post Xun Tie ask Http :/ / a commissioner may have to accept. Small stick Person: Judgment company is reliable. Above all, analyze the judges working one you have on your network to record the data and information of supply and demand, the full name of the company policy is for example the name of the Full company must include three actions, which is to have mostly unregistered land instead of belonging to place the name of the administrative division into districts; Its appearance later, the name is normative, part of the name contains 9 to manage commonly named defender of office, which Alibaba as "network technology" Alibaba is the name, network technology advocate course of study, but is a constituent should be as follows. Be as a corporation or limited liability company or corporation. The company must choose that name policy as far as possible makes trading on the network. Meanwhile, if the registration is to be noted that the company clearly through the camp site specific reason, and office landline business and register the land if they meet, before leaving to take a mobile phone 7 paragraph number apanage place if soil management fit disagree with being about to be worth monitoring. Additional, you can analyze the judgment of scope of operations, to be like a small business, but the scope of operations is multiple but not doing well population and land traffic also handled what, do not look for give you to manage what they stand or course of study while maintaining the battalion, the goods have managed independently and also prohibit or restrict product management (no special permit though). The attention that the company sees in the network if legally charter company expects management procedures, can perform the necessary research is checked, government affairs that can happen to a few first made public authority a website or local consultations industrial and commercial. The safest method is to move from the door, the Ministry of Trade and Industry if registered legal research and puts annual check add. If the company has a website, you can also check if the research is PCI address sex work the record. In the hands of the network to discuss Jian Yi sincere first choice letter tells a member, tell a member for sincere letter is a separate course Ali Yu cling to cling to the company that has tripartite orgnaization certification actual certification crossing and legal, should be relatively reliable. Attention trade checks verify legal representative if the other party is a company or a controller, the trade agreement with the person on the other side of the person attesting whether a company represents classic, also does business at least. Commerce, in addition to analyzing the first part of the main check trade the other party is legitimate out of existence, the notes state that a contact is still reliable, can not risk the trap base price that ignores the news of supply and demand and greed is cheap and necessary. In trade with the other party in the communication process communication beforehand, must understand their fundamental condition as far as possible is good to discover and realize heartfelt letter about how to spend, will not believe what you hear to take the signal Huayan artistic, sincere letter is to rely reflecting trade performance, not based on his mouth to speak, to avoid a trap to be converted by accident pasty! In specific commercial level, no matter the size transaction amount, note saved are data relevant information, evaluation and written agreement, the agreement is specific and definite award explicit trade name of the other party or the full name and address , contract, standards, quantity, monovalent, quality, lead time and place, means, pay the contract, such as time and payment, liability for breach of contract and of the means of dispute resolution is the clause is necessary, unless the buying and selling operations immediately knot Qing dynasty, but need not sign a contract. Remittances superficialities and right to avoid by all means individual account, unless the company claims a specification. Trade online at A, must choose to pay treasure to trade reckoning as to the media, asking operate strictly measure to carry out the payment in accordance with the statement of accounts settled.
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