Any good tips for keeping a good longterm relationship with customers in today's competitive environment related questions

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Any good tips for keeping a good longterm relationship with customers in today's competitive environment2Tyler2012-09-13 12:37:02
What would be a good way to approach a competitive but profitable proposal?1.X ° 2012-03-14 21:55:24
What would be a good way to approach a competitive proposal, but profitable ?
How can we build good relationship with the wholesaler or distributor at the first time?1Tang Love Ya 2012-02-01 01:17:08
How can we build a good relationship with the wholesaler or distributor for the first time?
the goods into a good save, customer relationship management software1Felicial2012-07-05 13:24:02
goods under a service, the customer relationship management software for small and medium enterprises free software inventory management is free software inventory management - e- Business Wizard With it, you can at any time anywhere Internet access inventory management, customer relations is not only simple and easy to update and very useful , we can give it a try !
how to find the good customers from website ?1Linda Wortham2012-08-10 06:50:02
hello...everyone ....i wanna ask everybody how to find the good customers from website ?
Customers who have developed a good method?1Modesty2012-05-20 20:58:15
Customers who have developed a good method? Development , the client will ask heroes! The development of new processes or new customers who have a good source platform , the company is a professional plastic packaging equipment line / high frequency plastic welding machine series and metal / plastic welding equipment production and commercial integration company . Now I was a little confused over a month in the company?
Keeping my Jeep Wrangler clean is so hard. Any tips?0English<32012-10-15 21:10:30
I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler ! I love my Jeep and would not trade it for anything ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is , that cleaning is the way to drive. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - My hood is super dirty and have tried the cleaner and protector Bestops but it takes a lot of strength and still not get all the dirt . MedlinePlus - I have Mickey Thompson tires and wheels and tires are a murderer to clean and never look shiny as they did the first time I met them . They have water stains and get rusty . MedlinePlus - Another thing is that sometimes under the hood there are some drops like dirt and is a little hard to take off. MedlinePlus - And the plastic part of the car as the bumper and stuff have water stains can not get rid of it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Getting rid of my Jeep is not an option for me . I LOVE my Jeep , but it's hard for me to clean. I have 19 years and I'm small and not strong '' / I only weigh 100 pounds so it just tells how little I am.
With the market drop today, is it a good idea to invest?0ordinal2012-09-10 16:23:02
I'm thinking of opening an online trading account ( scottrade. ..) Is it a good time to invest ?
How to be a good waitress? Got any tips?2Haiile2016-11-23 17:45:55
I have 16 years and I've finally got my first job ever: D I'm determined to do well and make money as much as you can , cos at the moment we do not even have enough money for a bus ticket MedlinePlus ... MedlinePlus Tomorrow I 'm going to do a day of judgment in a seaside restaurant and English tea room waitress . If I am wrong , I will hire a full-time ... so no one has managed and good advice for me ? Tricks of the trade ?
Good product - to allow customers to order at the show site1The passage of time,X ° -2012-06-12 13:33:49
Good product - for customers in the place of exposure in the water heater text / Connaught health savings that occurred on June 4, the reason I remember so clearly because it was a few days I just to reach the company does not have the time to be sent by the company to participate in the Shanghai International Exhibition of Arms Third Water. At the time I first came to the company's products are not very understanding, participate in the hosts of the show came to our booth, I just know that emit full color pages of our company, when asked about what products , technical parameters of the problem and what can not be said when I come, is really very embarrassing, I'll introduce you to our sales representative in charge, so head to explain to them, and ah .... Also continued to send my information to go. June 4, and as always I have come to our booth, the whole list, this time a little early, is not participating guests and more ruthless, I feel silly when customers come and go, at this time not a man of 40 years old, middle-aged men of our stand, saying that interest in our products, which stood in our product information to him, said: "You tell me something about your product," he said, I do not know, ah, you can find our sales charge, guests somewhat puzzled, "you do not understand?" Your boss can make a very powerful girl do not understand the product to participate in the show. I smiled and said: "I also just arrived, and maybe our boss wanted me to learn about our products as soon as I come before it, or wait a moment, our sales will come by the office of ** "! Fortunately, guests can understand me, and went to sit and wait there for a while. So our manager came, I explained to the manager of the customers had arrived, and the manager talked to customers, the customer asked lots of questions, what energy saving products, how ah? If you have any policy agent ah? How ah service? So many questions, it seems that the customer really is a comparison of our products are of interest, or would not have so many questions. They talked for about 30 minutes later, the client said, want to buy now which means that the use of two types of N-T12-3, and also requires two shelves (Actually, our open-type water heaters can be wall ) gave the place all the money we paid, and hopefully we can arrange shipment as soon as possible. Put the money manager, said he now pays, do not worry ah? Clients say: "You talk a lot and I know what you are a person, and the products I have seen, makes me worry, so I went to see the market may be needed later will do many of these products in the future cooperation request your attention, ah! "I really appreciate the confidence of the customers of our products, so easily in the next, is not it also a great encouragement to us, so far, this client has also been in touch with us --- because he has become my agent company in Changsha in the region. In fact, as long as product quality, along with his sincere attitude, I'm sure to find a good customer.
Nokia 5300 today just bought a good, ask for advice Bluetooth problem Thank you ~0Narva2012-10-22 09:48:24
Today I just bought a nice 5300. You can see the official said stereo Bluetooth , you can use Bluetooth to stream MP3 music phone ? No one can fail to notice how I fixed ah ~ ~ ~ I know my friends can point me hehe ~
Some tips abot how to find a good supplier1Algerno2012-05-28 19:31:28
Hi all, I would like some tips on finding a reliable partner in China.

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