Several international textile and apparel certification testing introduced

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Several international textile testing and certification of clothing introduced
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Several textile and apparel International introduced a certification exam. Logo certification testing needle in the production process due to mismanagement clothing and other products often have residual needle quilting (needles, pins, etc.) exists. 80 years of the 20th century, due to needle injury to consumers caused by residual clothes frequent occurrence, prompting the Japanese government enacted a consumer protection law and regulations to strengthen control of the residual needle. According to Japanese law, production and distribution of products if there is no residual needle, producers, vendors will be subject to severe penalties, such as harm to consumers but also for the compensation. Japanese importers garments in order to avoid economic losses due to residual needle, not only requires manufacturers of products manufactured before the needle, also set up factories in the work of the Inspection needle. The needle suspension qualified products, or covered with a needle mark. 2. "Q" certification mark test "Q" (Quality) brand quality Japanese brand. Fiber Products Inspection products experienced, impartial third person instead of consumers comprehensive check the quality of the products meet certain standards shall apply to "Q". Brand Management "Q" of the Management Committee with the relevant standards, inspection of product testing by the products of the relevant agencies of the fiber. The content of examination are: First, if the default cloth, cutting, sewing, finishing and materials are good, secondly, the size of the checks, check by the JIS, JIS standard products that do not are controlled by the score, third, verify the operation, see the color fastness and wash cloth sizing, four police check processing, verification of harmful chemicals, and five, brand inspection, according to the quality of labeling of household items to check the label and its content is appropriate. 3. "Ma mark" certification test "Ma brand" is Japan Textile Association Ma standards, their purpose is to recommend that consumers have the security of hemp products, imposed by the quality assurance mark with "100% hemp" or "Mixed" and other words the brand. Many varieties of hemp, the current applied to the clothing labels only "ramie" and "clothing", two of the certification tests of relationship of the brand also offers the standard mix. 4. Wool, pure wool mark certification inspection of the brand owner - the wool International Secretariat was established in 1937, has become an international organization. International Wool wool products of the Secretariat, which currently has the label "pure wool mark", "percentage of mixed high marks", "wool blend mark" three. Besides the three signs of the wool content of the product, the product standard is the same, only the quality fully meets the requirements of the products of international quality wool in the Secretariat to use the international brand of wool wool of the Secretariat. A variety of wool and wool fiber content label is as follows: to use the pure wool mark of not less than 93% pure new wool, mixed with a high percentage of marks, not less than 50% content of wool, wool-blend wool labeling requirements contained between 30% - 50%, respectively. 5. SIF SIF certification tests label brand is recognized by the International Trade and Industry of Japan in charge of testing the clothes and the inspection of integrated control bodies - Association for the clothing that meets the standards Association products check approval markings. SIF is the label of "Foundation for the sewn products Inspection Association," the English abbreviation. SIF has a professional knowledge to send inspectors to regularly visit the review of comprehensive factory finished cutting, sewing, finishing, quality and quality of household goods by notation on the check mark and according to results tests in various processes such as sewing for the conduct of the quality management of a variety of guides, the only important products must be recognized and recommended tags. SIF has its own standards of quality and inspection standards, the content of the certification tests are: appearance of the test, including labels, appearance, resistance to washing, including washing and performance practice, the appearance after washing, the wrinkles, wash shrinkage, resistant to dry cleaning, color fastness tests, physical performance tests, including tensile strength, tear resistance, tensile strength up, shrinkage, mix , from cashmere, residues of formaldehyde, strong sewing, sewing and other anti-slip tests, performance accessories. 6. Oko - Tex certification testing Standardl00 labeled with the scientific and technological progress and improving living standards, the existence of the human environment of their new knowledge, greater demands on the quality of life. Clothing, because there may be harmful substances such as formaldehyde, pesticides, dyes, harmful, and many developed countries have issued a series of rules and regulations for imported products has developed a variety of environmental safety standards, current The most used is "Standard100 Oko-Tex." New version of "Oko-Tex Standard100" certification test project involving the detection of PH value, formaldehyde, pesticides, including chlorophenols, dyes, harmful, chlorinated organic carriers, color fastness, volatile substances are can feel the smell.
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