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Kindle vs. Kindle Touch?0Selena G2012-07-16 06:32:02
I accidentally bought the $79.99 Kindle thinking it was the Kindle Touch, but at this time I'm in the position where I can just keep the Kindle I have now or go back to Best Buy and trade it in + $20 for a Kindle Touch. What would you do in my position, and do you think the touch screen features and bigger/lighter device is worth it?
X box 360 vs kindle fire?1[fufu]2012-08-22 20:11:02
Should I trade my x box for a brand new kindle fire not sure if its a good deal?
What do you do with your Kindle ebooks when you're done with them? Trade, sell, is there anything you can do?1A7X a.k.a Aaron2012-08-04 19:08:48
I'm new to Kindle and I am just curious. Please don't be rude. I'm just wondering if I can lend them or what you are supposed to do with them. Do you just leave them all on your Kindle?
Should I trade my kindle fire for a laptop?0Shaba-laba-ding-dong2012-07-24 18:53:02
My mother told me that if I give my light the fire, he will, but I a new laptop . Theses are the things that make most of the inrternet ESPN, S / A of Youtube. I also go in SA next year , so you need a physical keyboard.
Should i trade my kindle fire for a laptop?0Karl24722012-09-25 10:16:02
I do not read much that all use of the Internet for youtube , espn , and S / A. I write a lot , but I want a portable so you can take it anywhere .
Why My Kindle Paper Tablet Not Charging Properly?1generalanya2018-08-09 01:27:02
Hello Friends,Can someone please tell me why my kindle paper white (6th gen) will not fully charge.? It starts off ok, but then the light goes off. I'd be really grateful if somebody could give me a few clues. Please tell me it's not dying !!!Thanks 
Is it possible to trade in an ebook on my kindle for a paperback copy on Amazon?0Kiaha2012-07-24 13:16:01
If I wanted to get rid of my kindle, is there a way I could get all the books I bought on my kindle in paperback without having to actaully re-buy the books? Could I somehow give back my ebooks and get paperbacks in return?
How do I find case cover for kindle with reading light?2Annabelle2011-12-18 02:20:39
a small MOQ please
If you bought books on amazon would you be able to get the downloadable versions for kindle for free?1apoorva2015-07-29 22:29:18
if the books were not e-books, to start, but were bought through Amazon , is there any way you can also get the ebook version for free for the Kindle ? or is there some way you can trade them in / send them back to the electronic versions of books, I know they all come in versions of electronic books, I bought a while ago, but at some point want I'n the beginning of the year, 're not used at all
Can i trade my black 32 gb ipod touch for a white ipod touch 8 gb?1exclamation2012-08-01 13:39:02
for Christmas I have a white ipod touch (8 GB) , but I thought it would be very little space , so I turned to run to get the black i pod touch 4th generation 32 GB. but now I kind of want the white back and 32 GB is plenty of room for me. So I had the black and Christmas with some scraches on the back , but none in the front and is in perfect condition. I have not the story anymore, but still let me change my black 32 GB to 8 GB white ?
IPhone 4 or my touch 4?1TLC2012-10-21 23:44:55
Ok , I have an iPhone 4, but I use tmobile in my career and has been very difficult to work with tmobile , now I'm using a small card that goes under the tmobile sim card and type of work, but I'm not so sure . In a local shop offered to change my iPhone 4 for my touch 4. So what do you think? Should iPhone trade miles or wait and hope that in future there is no better way to use the tmobile iPhone4 ?
Ipod Touch 16 gb 1g or Ipod Touch 16 gb 2g?1brebre2015-07-29 22:14:46
I have an option of getting a 16 gb Ipod Touch 1g for a change for my PSP, I have barely used . Or what can a 2g for $ 200. What would u do?

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