Why do women care so much about their boobs/butt/looks if they aren't slutty?

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Asked at 2012-07-16 05:53:02
Why else would you care? A: to make people want you physically.

Why would you want people to want you? So you can get things: dinner, drinks, money, perks, better treatment everywhere, even a better job.

Wanting to trade your body for material things = fairly slutty behavior, right?
Answer1LesteAnswered at 2012-08-04 13:21:03
The fact that you can not see any other reason that sex is pretty sad. people care for themselves because it makes them feel good. If you look at the good people treat you better and not only on grounds of sex is possible as a pervert would think. Men can not be solved only by the possibility of getting laid so do we know how we feel about you too . some people lose weight their health so they can do more with their families.

So you live in the gutter to your happier than you. The rest of the men and women live in the real world.
Answer2KindellAnswered at 2012-08-07 05:19:02
I like to look good not necessarily for others but for myself. When you look good and put together (not necessarily "hot" , but enough) , people perceive you better. As a man would wear a nice tux for an important occasion or style your hair every day so it does not look like a disaster. When we look closely , you can get better treatment. Being " sexy " means to give your body easily. Wanting to be perceived well in society is not to be slutty . Of course , I speak from my own point of view. Some girls will not, in fact, looking hot in order to get men , but only want to use them b **** is for dinner / drinks.
Answer3Jasmine 20Answered at 2012-08-09 14:27:03
I keep saying this: . We are always trying to reduce complex problems to simple questions and answers

Sex is very complicated. What you say is basically reasonable, until you reach the word " bitch" , which is very debatable. You did not mention the universal desire to at least look attractive to members of the opposite ( and yes, gasp , even the same ) gender . A man , for example, unworthy of a man who wants to see other men.

You left out the part about how society , culture and evolution have programmed men and women to act and dress a certain way. If a woman wears a skirt showing her legs, that means she 's a whore ? Do you think men should wear skirts or show more division? Should not we allow men to go topless ?

Even walking differently. Should we change that, because it makes us sexy and slutty ?

It's a slippery slope , my friend.
Answer4ClarisseAnswered at 2012-10-12 15:55:05
I think if a woman makes it clear what you want, and just take the money and gifts from men with a lot of it , fine. Not that the guy is going to go hungry or be unable to pay its debts , and some even enjoy rich men buying women gifts . It is when a woman is dishonest or bleed a man dry , then it is crossing the line.
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