Can best buy let you trade in a stolen android?

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Asked at 2012-07-16 05:17:02
My friend stole my phone and won't give it back. Her mother also told me that she will not being giving me the phone back. I really don't want my mom to find out or the police to get involved. I was gonna call in my cellphone provider and f them the info to the phone to report it as stolen and disable the phone. My friend said she gonna take the phone down to best buy and trade it in for a better android phone. If the find out that the phone is stolen and disable will they let her trade it in for a need android phone? The reason that I can't call the police is because I called her phone and texted her a bunch of times to give my the phone back (48 times) and they said if I get the police involved the will charge me for harassment. And my ex-friend is crazy and is bipolar and I'm not allowed to go to her house. If my mom found out I would get in be trouble for being with her. (also is scared my mom would seriously kill her) And I'm moving in two weeks so I'll never get it backs anyways. (I have a new phone anyways) all I want is for her to have karma and not being able to use the phone or trade it in. ( old phone doesn't work and they don't have money for a new phone)

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