Why is everyone criticizing wade when Lebron scored 9 points in the finals last year? related questions

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Why is everyone criticizing wade when Lebron scored 9 points in the finals last year?0d2012-07-16 04:18:02
Wade must be frustrated Lebron won MVP, he is becoming sidekick and bandwagoner fans want him to be traded, thats what happens when you team up with a choker. Lebron destroyed wade`s career and legacy
Sure or Sell: Lebron & Bosh>> Wade & Lebron?0Bread2012-07-28 08:13:02
They gel way better too. Trade Wade for role players and release those bums on ur bench
If the Spurs meet the Heat in the finals how do you slow down Lebron?2Andraline2012-11-03 18:09:02
The only time the Heat played us this year Lebron was incredibly successful against us 33 points and 10 assists (he really scored when ever he felt like) in a 120-98 Heat win all without D-Wade (he was injured). The best defender we had for him was Jefferson but we traded him so now we really don't have anyone to slow him down. The one thing that scares me about the Heat is the fact that the Heat have Lebron, so how exactly would we go about slowing him down? Please only serious answers no jokes or stupid hate comments. Thank you.
NBA. POST EAST FINALS EXODUS: Would this change do LeBron good?0eastern2012-07-21 00:12:01
Well, The Sports Stratosphere has had talk aplenty about how Miami's Big 2.5 will be exploded from within after they lose Gm 6 in Boston! Bosh must go! Wade must go! Spoelstra should be sent to Charlotte! .....blah, blah, blah. But remove your mind from South Beach and ponder this What If --- -- --, 1 - Point Guard - Steve Nash 6' 3'', 178 2 - Shooting Guard - Shannon Brown 6' 4'', 210 3 - Small Forward - LeBron James 6' 6'', 250 4 - Power Forward - Channing Frye 6' 11'', 245 5 - Center - Marcin Gortat 6' 11'', 240 Change of scenery is good. Q 1. Suns fans: can you come up with the trade bait to keep the above intact?
Can you imagine Kobe Leading a garbage Cavalier team to the Finals like LeBron?2neil hannit2012-09-01 00:25:03
Kobe wud probably go to europe and wait for him to be traded to a better team lmao
Will Bosh be overshadowed in Miami by Lebron and Wade?0Iz2012-10-12 17:41:16
Miami ran for Wade and Lebron , as they are 2 of the 3 best players in the league (although I hate to admit to Lebron ) . But Bosh is only a third option . If he went to Cleveland in a sign and trade to Toronto were willing to do , would have been at least Scottie Pippen Lebron now he will be out and his numbers will suffer. At most could score 16 points per game because Wade and Lebron trying to score 50-55 a night together .
Which player is Lebron most likely to team up with D-Wade or Chris Bosh?0Demi2012-11-06 02:58:11
I would say Chris Bosh. If Lebron teams up with D-Wade in Miami they most likely won't win be able to beat Boston or Orlando because their frontcourt is week. Miami has no good great defensive center who could guard elite scoring power forwards and center and now low-post offensive presence. Also D-Wade will probably start to decline in the next 3 years as he is 28 and he requires the ball alot as Lebron because they are not great outside shooters. Bosh is only 26 and most likely would accept being a 2nd option since he is not on the same level as Lebron. Most likely Lebron will only be able to team up with D-Wade if he went Miami because D-Wade will most likely stay since Miami could get Bosh, Stoudemire, or Boozer. Lebron could team up with Bosh in many places such as Cleveland and Chicago in a sign and trade or New Jersey if they both sign free agents.
If the Heat do not win the finals this year what do you think they should do? ?2lidia2012-10-10 13:27:01
Give it one more try to win a championship or trade one of their " big 3". Remember they hosted a championship like celebration before winning a championship where LeBron guaranteed 8 rings.
My license this year, had 6 points deducted, is not until next year went to 12 points on the1ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-02-13 05:58:02
My license this year, had 6 points deducted is not until next year went to 12 points in the
IF Wade were to get traded next year, what team would he fit in with the best?2Antony2012-08-24 08:51:02
I know it's a long shot, but Wade was stacking on a computer already great , id like to see the Clippers Paul Wade Butler Griffin Jordan great line commissioning
Miami Heat if you don't win this year trade Lebron?1Mickey2012-08-09 02:10:03
Your team is to pathetic, making Lebron carry this team and their beloved Dwyane Wade never can be consistent.
Is it safe to assume that Lebron will be in a Cavs uniform next year?2phill2012-09-18 08:29:02
Even if Cavaliers do not win the championship this year, I think Cavs waive for two years because of family . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. The Cleveland Cavaliers realistically the only team where Lebron will be the first choice to score and win a championship before 2012 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. New York has too many loopholes that Lebron can not fill and that is why we would be unable , to fight for a championship in New York over the next three years . They would have no owner, no consistent 3-point shooter to spread the floor for Lebron , bad defense at point guard , shooting guard, power forward . Most of these players except McGrady and Al Harrington have no playoff experience . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. In resigning in Cleveland for two years gives you more options if he went to another team this year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It may give you a chance to win a ring before 2012 and then give up a long-term contract Cleveland lin 2012 if he felt he could win 3 or 4 championships . He may possibly go to New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets if these teams are improved through drafts and trades.

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