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Analysis: Exhibition Marketing inevitable conversion to website marketing0Nilo2012-07-16 04:14:02
Analysis: Exhibition Marketing inevitable conversion to website marketing
from the conversion rate of the quantitative management of network marketing began1cool guy 2012-02-03 03:34:49
of the conversion rate of quantitative management of network marketing began
We do not know how to carry out marketing, fashion marketing (YC)0Calie2012-07-14 05:04:06
We do not know how to carry out marketing, fashion marketing (YC)
We do not know how to carry out marketing, fashion marketing (YC)1Calvi2012-02-12 06:42:15
We do not know how to do marketing, fashion marketing (TA )
From a marketing point of view of "The Warlords" in the fate of professional marketing manager1gorky 2011-12-22 04:44:21
Movie "The Warlords" the president of the Imperial Qing Empress Dowager Group is the man of three years of age is the executive director, after Ho and Pang Qingyun Quebec region are professional administrators, two tigers and sun are later assistant manager, the manager of the right hand. Film focuses on the fate of the director of marketing professionals Pang Qingyun. The first step is the initial stage, Pang Jingli first job in a small business, the business is not standardized, and the two smaller companies to find the tiger and the minority shareholders in the afternoon sun to convince them to go to large corporations as a guarantee wages, decent work as well. After an affidavit Li brothers the leaders, candidates were to large corporations. The second step is to open markets in the group's behavior, the first market to open previously, and later to market opening and market in Nanjing, Suzhou, carried out a brutal competition. Pangjing Li did a good job stability, the team all the way to promotion. Step three is Pangjing Lok Ma Li. The seizure of a stable market, the bird was gone, the possession of a good bow. Deputy Director of several tigers and other Li Pangjing first removed, then remove the Pangjing Li. Many professional marketing managers do not know if you had a similar experience? Specific real life, probably due to the costs of reimbursement, or because the liquidity problems of the Commission, the result is the same. The professional marketing manager, if not tens of dry, take nothing less than the market is not acceptable. At the same time, won the market, the situation must be evaluated according to the specific analysis to determine their own ways: first, if the occupation is chairman of the board or shareholders, marketing manager of the trust, you can abide by it, because trust in, so no big deal. Second, if the professional management recruitment abroad, and the upper level there is no direct relationship of trust or is recommended to win the market grab your fee, the initiative to make way for the Board to maintain confidence people. Third, if the gravity of professional marketing managers to distinguish between good and evil, and can handle properly between themselves and their skills and increased demand, the parties may embark on a more stable career. The independence of the configuration, regardless of level of confidence to ask for the right to occupy positions of trust to be fixed, there will be problems. In short Manager, Marketing professional to develop new markets, the capacity of work is the base, and trust is the core, is the key. Can not be trusted, which is the core of the problem. Therefore, responsible for professional marketing planning process, be sure to highlight and analyze and distinguish his own position, and the relationship between the board and then decide its own course of action. This post has been edited on 01/14/2008 9:32:52 superadmin
what is the best method for marketing an online website?3Karen2012-03-26 06:14:29
Please advise as to what you believe are the best methods of marketing a business online.
Trade website marketing - SEM, a single is the truth1Cara2012-03-03 22:42:43
Trade web marketing - SEM, search engine marketing alone is the truth (SEM) analysis of specific business processes to achieve what commercial websites. Since the sale of a product, provide a service. Market research to find out how people search on the site. The keywords used specifically including exploration, extraction, was not aware of the competition keywords cost-effective, research competitors, you need to do search engine advertising, which sites are most worth fighting for access this page. Function / structure optimization to win the support of users, depending on the needs of the target user and the user experience for Web site planning to improve the products, but also with the love of the motor structure search the site, data calls, URL structure to optimize improvement. Search Engine Optimization: the premise of this step is to identify keywords. Few people search for keywords to optimize a complete waste of time. With the right keywords to connect to the web page URL, title, meta tags, title text, body content, alt tags, link optimization. For those with the frame, Flash animation, dynamically generated pages with a website database that more work needs to be done. The implementation of the strategy of a lot of search engine links pointing to your site based on the degree of importance in determining the importance of your website. Although the number of these sites as possible, but the quality is more important. The application of link strategies to ensure the depth of its Internet site on the Internet. Be submitted to the search engine optimization, you can send the search engine. Thousands of search engines, only a small part is very important. These search engines to other search engines, portals, company websites to provide search results, the key is having these search engines to rank well. Although some of these search engines allow the use of software to automatically send a new site, but in most cases and more, presented by hand to ensure a successful presentation possible. Requirements of all major directories to submit detailed manual. Rates based on the search engine services search engine increasingly paid inclusion, paid placement, click the business model of payment. The use of these payment services will not lose half of its viewers. The advantage of these subscription services is clear and effective results quickly. Free your search engine usually takes 6-10 weeks, the directory category of your choice may be to spend more than 6 months time. SEM Management track the keyword ranking target server log analysis based on what your visitors came from search engines, using keywords, web code and content adjusted accordingly, click on the ads calculated rate of return paid on investment to assess the effects of good or bad. In fact, the search results always in fierce competition. If you see your competitors a good position, they will not let this state is maintained.
Any good online trading website for stock marketing?1ajg572012-09-01 07:09:02
I live in Canada and I have a huge amount of money to trade, so basically I would like to negotiate with a brokerage firm that commissions do not charge much ... I'll start with 5 ~ 10 Grandes. thanks
expert advice small business: building a website = network marketing it?1alexi2012-11-02 19:37:02
small business expert advice : building a website = Network Marketing ?
How to Trade marketing website? How to make trade a more professional website?0JEANELL2012-07-15 07:25:01
How to Trade in internet marketing ? How to make trade a more professional?
Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai, Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai0sneha012022-07-31 23:23:19
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How Much Do you Know About E-marketing4Kali2012-01-01 19:24:24
How much do you know about E- marketing? If you are potentail customers , would you like to receive this type per week or per month?

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