Of punch workshop establish what to need?

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Of punch workshop establish what to need? Personnel equipment covers an area of capital to wait
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Think yourself running a plant? Give you a hint: Punch Factory more those who are afraid of debt is trigonometry, set money because you ingredients, other still owes money money, lots of yard is delayed to break well. Personal: Factory manager / workshop manager, attemper, technical staff member material, statistics, accounting, benchwork model repairs, equipment maintenance, metalworking ban is conversant forklift, driver, manager storage workshop worker, member ID, personal of the company. Equipment: Punching, an electric bed squash court, forklift, (possible sentence, Xi che ground drilling machine), electric welder, carbon dioxide protection welding, cutting gas / plasma cutting. Hardware tool still waiting. It covers an area should see your scale with capital. --------------- Have you cast out? That line is cut, CNC mill of what you want, however, do not suggest I cast in a mold shop principle, once the investment is very high, such as numerical control to wait, for example, the first I think is the last week looking for a machine edge to a point, one can register to give a graphic technician to climb out next machine, reassemble following, perhaps flat wrap off the mold, protect and repair itself wait punch workshop developed dimensions of stability to rise, consider yourself according to the actual need and capital back slowly on your computer, so inept investment too, let rise in capital flows. I'm not clear on prices of drilling machines, high speed drilling machine CNC Drilling Machine average is of course, the price varies greatly, and the price difference is big brand also different, but common treatment pattern workpiece also uses the least numerical control, unless, deciding piece rotor electromotor as strong as such amount is large the product having progressive dies. -------------- The coup subclass electrical product? That requirement is within stamping higher workpiece, some must be rushs essence of life may even higher requirement for the mold, of course, the equipment requirement is also high, it is little better opening type compressor at least, this in itself requires research manufacturer, this material purchases'm not very clear, and no need to draw, with respect to this rotation, SPCC general, common knowledge is the cold junction, control probably a ton in 5000 , electroplating sequel adds what, if original plastic workshop model offers a strong tool to open the set then it must be a problem that does not matter, anyway main engine team also machines for a few types and spare parts a lot of dying is a standard component, can come to buy, such as Japan if waiting dish.
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