Should the heat trade bosh for 2 decent players?

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giant salamander
Asked at 2012-07-15 17:56:02
If heat want more depth and a more commanding prescence from james they need to trade either wade or bosh for at least 2 decent players. Then I think they will be relaly unstoppable because they are good trade bait and could beefen a team with lebron up. I know pat riley is thinking this because it's hard when injuries strikes one of your star players that you rely on so much. what packages do you see possible.
Answer1AKilahAnswered at 2012-07-16 06:50:02
HEAT SURELY not do that, you WANA risk of mid- GAME JAMES heart. REMEMBER, James went to Miami just to be with friends ( Wade and Bosh ). That's the Heat DeLima right after you get James .
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