Will the Shenzhen City Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a liar Kaida companies do

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Does the city of Shenzhen Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a liar Kaida ?
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Registration No. : 440306103463122 Company Name : Shenzhen Hua Kaida Industrial Development Co. , Ltd. Address : Area 35, Bao'an District , Shenzhen , light industrial part of the production plant in the second building (House of the new high ) ( office) legal representative : Hu Hongxia businesses : industrial projects ( specific items to be declared separately ), domestic trade, food equipment industry (excluding franchise and monopoly control of the property ), business of import and export ( the legal , administrative, the State Council decided to ban the elements except the elements necessary to obtain permission restrictions before surgery ). The registered capital (RMB ): 100 paid-up capital (RMB ): 100 major market types : Date of limited liability company established: January 29, 2002 period of operation: January 29, 2002 January 29, 2012 date the date of approved: July 1, 2008 inspection : inspections conducted in 2008 have more than you ask of Commerce and Industry Bureau of Shenzhen to the website information of the information , reference . I have not seen the current record from the disappointment of the company, if you can not go on field trips, more business transactions online with them through the payment of a treasure , of those products as they must be willing trade through the payment of a treasure, and if they want even care. Al Qaeda has done so much in China, but also a member of Alibaba. Many provinces have agents and distributors. Shenzhen Baoan visits may come down . ... ...
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