Which help me find the house master of feng shui

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1, the house is in the master bedroom door to door, with a slit at the entrance. I do not know if this treatment will affect the feng shui of the house? 2, the families of the elderly, the elderly live in space for ? 3, help me paint the house Feng Shui luck, then it is better , ha ha. . thanks
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How feng shui of your home, you can control the following 20 questions to see if the feng shui taboos. Sample home feng shui lucky little more complicated, it is proposed to find a local knowledge, sir, with a look at the horoscopes of her birthday. Know the 20 home feng shui home feng shui taboos, the best way to master the features according to your specifications. But there are some general principles that are applicable, is organized at home, you can not do a feng shui taboo, otherwise you will be comfortable Debu, negative, and the owner will be negatively affected. The following is a presentation of 20 household feng shui taboos, look at your home available no shortage of feng shui? 1, the entrance to the kitchen and toilet provision, all rooms of the house returned, the entry to see the living room. Design of modern architecture, sometimes, to consider the configuration space, a door is often the first to see the kitchen, the dining room or the bathroom. This is the house of taboo, is not an anomaly, the residence where the family fortune was reduced. Two, the door to door to lust engaged not in the door of the bedroom door, or easy to induce lust among the inhabitants enjoy the sexual immorality. 3, the living room in the house for half the houses in general, if the family room or living room in the house in the center, which is one of the elephant may Cosmos family fortune. 4, irregular irregular housing, such as the kitchen is not made for cooking, will affect the health of their families, irregular housing can be used for only storage space is available. 5, the upper pressure beam, beam very sensitive to affect mood and health pressure on the bed, desk and table, the truth can not be avoided, but also the design of the roof, in block, otherwise it affects the mood of housing and health, transport will also be blocked. 6, irregular housing should not make the bedroom an unused room master bedroom irregular pair, otherwise it will have long marriage infertility. 7 out of bed in a mirror, it is difficult to sleep, in addition to being in bed with large mirror, the bed on both sides if there is a large body mirror, and others do not sleep, causing insomnia, sleep, etc. . 8, the room is not equipped with a heat range of stylish colors of the room is adequate, it should not be too bright, it astounding sets, excessive luxury, shiny jewelry is particularly inappropriate. 9, bathroom in bed, sickness care master bedroom, in addition to being in bed out of the bathroom, not the side of Kyrgyzstan, could suffer a serious illness. 10 evergreens benefit of the family fortune to improve the quality of life, in order to increase the interior green plants, evergreen is a good interior decoration, but be sure to select the perennial vitality, it is easy to fade, deciduous plants. 11, no bed bedding sets great giant paintings intended to increase the room's sleek, but little if any light is very sensitive to the heavy giant box of large paintings, or once the hook, have the lead cut, injured or dead, is not exempt from Shen. 12, clean bathroom is a bathroom to keep the fiscal wastewater, as well as guidance to the Office of Compliance, the very sensitive to moisture, dirty, smelly, but if kept clean and dry maintain wealth. 13 through the door at the end, to avoid problems at home as a runner as hotels and restaurants attached to a row of several rooms, or prone to the phenomenon of having an affair and ran away, a rare peace. 14, at the foot of the bed, the bed with the foot of the bed and avoid the trash heap, the bed should be kept outdoors, you should not put their stuff on the bed, the newlyweds, especially bogey. 15, inside the door, the door should be directed to the same inside the door, the door should be the same address, one can conclude from the door handles. Very sensitive to the open left, the right to open. 16, bathroom in the hallway, in the end, the corridor of a house where ferocious big bathroom in the corridor should be established only to the edge, not in the end, otherwise fierce. 17, bogey side of the bed to open a window that is feng shui taboo window beside the bed, make sure to remember. 18, the red column angle shot adverse individuals married men and women in the room, are to avoid the shot column red corner, or going to affect mood and health, love and marriage are negative, be sure to remedy as soon as possible. 19, a light bulb warm room lighting conducive to feelings of affection is very important for the couple, should be adopted in warm light, light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or cool colors. 20, all evil impulse corner radii should be home safe and healthy plants resist the order, whenever possible, you should choose to shoot around a corner, as there is evil all over the house.
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