Speed limit on the LAN is the problem? ? ?

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Asked at 2012-01-12 03:13:38
I was in the bedroom on the network, with four people sharing a router. And there is no machine, all are equal in use. But I realized that when a person called Zhang III , if not open the computer speed , then it may be a hundred KB or so, but opened the computer immediately lowered my speed is about 10KB , and I suspect they use mail - scissors something like the three of us the speed limit Ji , I was wondering what software would not let me find my computer, where he opened what procedures , and take a series of network speed , or that I know four people were using the current network speed . I want to give expert guidance to it.
Answer1MyraAnswered at 2012-01-12 03:13:43
Honestly it's best to ask, or even if you discover that the software uses the network speed , we have hurt feelings. And network executives are all good P2Pover LAN management software , you can speed , download limit, chat ==
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