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Asked a few professional questions: 1, showing the main function of display reflected what? 2, shows the principle layout what? 3 miles with lighting, decorative lighting, general description of the functional role and focus of light and form characteristics of 4, a brief analysis of ways to improve the efficiency of the visual transmission 5, color coordination and outlined the relationship between exhibition space
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Hello comrades have limited my ability to return to production can not be eleven, but I guarantee that my answer to respond to a professional. Displayed on the principles of: 1) safety shown in supermarket products are not safety (longer life, the new poor, scarred, and deterioration of flavor), to ensure stability the screen to ensure that the product easy to fall, dress should be the proper use of tools, spare parts, and the complete health management, customer feeling clean. (2) easy to see the screen, easy to separate in normal eyes down to 20 degrees most likely to see. The average human eye is 110 degrees to 120 degrees, the visual width of the range of 1.5 M-2M, pedestrian and shopping in stores for the angle of 60 degrees, when visual range is 1M. Besides the height, width, raw material is easy to see, as in large supermarkets in the classification of goods is also very important. by different kinds - to shorten the time of the general method of selection of goods. according to different materials - distinguished by different arrangement of the raw materials. by the different recipes - recipes available under the method used. according to different activities - can be divided into fixed years activities, regional activities. according to different functions, low-calorie foods, the health food category. according to different seasons: the classification of seasonal products, created the method counters. various prices, as the 100 product, according to different price band together to carry out the goods sales methods. by different colors, through adjustment of color, highlighting products, promote sales approach. Use the principle of inter-related - are sold together the different products of the method. (3) access to the screen, easy, easy to put back the customers to buy goods, the general is the first product to get your hands on the confirmation from all angles and then decide whether to buy. Of course, sometimes, the client also put back the hands of the good. If the display of goods is not easy to carry, difficult back then, we might just because of this they will lose the opportunity to sell off the goods. The screen should feel good to accomplish the following: Do not clean a sense of direct visualization of the goods on the ground. No matter what the conditions are not directly on the floor of the products on the shelves of care to remove rust stains. There are plans to carry out cleaning. In the channel, the floor must be cleaned frequently. a sense of freshness to ensure good quality of products from more than one date longer life from the closing date of production. To ensure that the goods up and down, dust, scars, rust. The front of the commodity customer. POP enhance the charm of the goods is also an important factor. new seasonal changes that are in various promotional activities which stores varied and constantly create a new store design. Full of Christmas decorations. Description of setting hurdles linked to focus on commodity products on display. Through lighting, music, the atmosphere of the purchase of representation. Interpretation of the use of raw materials, scenes of life. Demonstrate effective use of sales promotion. information, to convince the store available to customers through Shijue information is very necessary, and customers of the display of goods in the Access to Information show the height, location, disposition, billboards, POP Deng is a Buronghushi Chang Mai. show the economic viability of improving, keep in mind: The high quality, high performance raw materials prices and the best-selling product with sales. Associated with the display of goods, punctuality, reduced container costs for replacement parts. At the same time to improve efficiency and avoid loss of goods. (Example:. There are different promotions and varied, and constantly create a new store or shop to Xinhua, the electricity industry) (4) appears on the screen of the key principles of the economy's financial situation should be of high speed response and high-margin commodities. related merchandise display must be close. best-selling line of products must be ordered in the active gold segment. Instructions should be clear clear categories 2. The exhibits and what issues should pay attention to a note by commodity: 1, creating three-dimensional visualization display = points to the products display racks in front of the "surface" of compliance. goods "positive" for access to all sides. prevent the client see the back of the platform and the deflector baffle shelf. show a high degree, usually at the top shelves of goods and may enter into a separator to keep the distance between the fingers. distance between the display of goods is usually 2 to 3 mm. during the time display to verify the display of goods is correct, and placed billboards, POP. 2, the place-the kind of display, demonstrate whether the induction of the attention points to the same goods, and the display of related merchandise online if the color and design style, a way to easily distinguish the order? be stacked display of the occasion, either in reverse screen? concerned that the collapse of the accumulation of very heavy? if you use a diaphragm? away from delivering the goods if the battery too? or too little and look thin? 3, paste type of display, show the attention not flat spot marked by the heart, charm and loss of property? panels of pasta, either in full uniform? sticks to the material and equipment becomes unstable? paste the color of the background material and, if the significant differences between the goods, denying the charm of the property? 4, hanging screen, show attention to the points if it is a real touch of fall, the team fell apart? hang the goods, whether from a customer perspective right height? if the hand can get
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