Summer Decoration Guide: Safety first eight points for attention summer decoration

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Summer Decorating Guide : Safety first eight points of attention for summer decoration
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Note A: Security Update first summer high summer temperatures, dry weather, the construction material accumulate more, from a security standpoint, materials placed in the shade as much as possible, to avoid internal and Poor ventilation, high temperature caused by the burning fire. Summer, but also to minimize the material accumulated at the site, reducing the risk of accidents, in addition, to operate appliances, tools and materials as possible to maintain a distance, as far as possible away from work materials, the best area to do the work area and materials for a reasonable division. Note II: The ventilation of the soil to avoid contamination of decoration decoration in the summer to avoid contamination, "the high incidence of" pain in addition to trying to use non-toxic and least toxic decorative materials, the company of home improvement, please formal construction, we must also make a good decoration and ventilation air purification. When conditions permit, we should try to make more room ventilation, if there are no conditions can be used to reduce indoor and outdoor ventilation air cleaning devices of harmful gases. Note III: moisture, exposure to the summer to buy wood products, including building Daixinban Ingredients, white wooden bar accessories, moldings cloudy, with lines of doors, frames and lines the wall along baseboards , etc, have to test the moisture content of wood products rate. In the market for building materials, wood products specialty stores in general should have the wood moisture content meters. According to state regulations, the standard plate can not exceed 12% humidity. Experts suggest that during the rainy season, when the purchase of materials, may be appropriate to select the drier, and when material from a small place a couple of days after admission, so it's the same with the surrounding humidity, so its use is more appropriate. In addition, the plates to avoid exposure to intense sunlight, rain if the moisture has to be taken to moisture during storage, anti-distortion measures. No plate, put the wooden sun room, sun exposure will make decorative paints and wood products, rubber accelerated aging. Also to prevent rain water will cause swelling deformation of wood products, and even mold, so pay special attention to everyday life. Note Four: wallpaper, paint must dry naturally, paint and wallpaper is commonly used decorative wall material. Spring, because the air is humid, dry as soon as possible to allow the wall and open the door and window ventilation. The summer is different because the dry, so the wallpaper before the Stones are generally soaked in water, and then paste paving. Then open doors and windows, tiling a good wallpaper to fly alone, "Drafts" the loss of fast wallpaper water is produced by the deformation of contraction. Note Five: The elimination of home renovations because of the humidity of the Central Standing Committee recently met a little paint and weather problems pungent mold flashes. In this sense, the approach to the decoration of the joint venture is the air conditioning and humidity remove moisture in the air, the cabinet door is not closed, to maintain ventilation. Renovations, you will find a variety of scents do not leave the problems affecting health of people scattered. Proposal by the decorating company is to put more green plants after renovation, or put in the room two or three lemons, oranges, bananas, can reach a quick trip to the taste. VI Note: rain does not paint experts suggest that for wood products, if contaminated even when the paint brush, all the time remember not to brush the rainy days. Please days of the construction team doing something else rain first live, or even a suspension for two days, they do the paint job on rainy days. Note Seven: Do not rush to solve the problem of humidity of the spring season, walls, floors, wooden furniture, the water contained more. In summer, air dry slowly, then it may be due to seasonal changes in temperature, humidity and some different topics, such as contraction of the wood floor, increasing the gap between the council and the board, the walls and door frames of different types of material, the shrinkage is different from a gap, wall cracking ... ... These are the seasonal transition is a normal phenomenon occurs. Then the repair, the water continues to evaporate the wall is still possible to crack. Wall of water should wait until the weather is favorable to the outside world once again the case of repair, this effect will be better. VIII Note: radiator should be considered although they will not be used in the heat of summer, but who live in the future, you will feel the importance of heating. And improvement projects for the home "not reproducible", so that whenever the decoration, should consider replacing the heating. In the current home decor, traditional cast iron radiators, replace the heating effect on the aesthetic appearance of new steel radiators, it has become popular. However, they must be received with the relevant departments.
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