What are some movies about Wall street or stock trading? related questions

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What are some movies about Wall street or stock trading?0KC2012-07-14 15:55:05
What would happen if Obama made an un announced visit to the stock trading pit on Wall Street?4tiffanyy;;2012-10-22 16:47:01
Why are protesters of "Occupy Wall Street" angry about corporate profits, considering they could buy stock?0 접속사 2012-11-06 07:04:56
I just don't understand why people would protest the profits of public companies. They could simply purchase stock (it would take 10 minutes on E-Trade, etc), and then share in the profits. So what are they mad about? By the way, I'm not a closed-minded right-winger that hates all protesters that question the status-quo. I'm simply trying to understand the mindset of these particular protesters because it makes zero sense to me. Thanks!
When you see videos of Wall Street Trading, is it just me or do you also think Godzilla is right outside?0Avery Willborn2012-07-23 08:16:02
Looks like a Godzilla movie to me.
Is Wall street closed on Thanksgiving? Or is it just an abbreviated trading day? What about the day after?0Mabel2012-09-02 22:53:02
Markets are closed on Thanksgiving and / or the next day ?
What is the trading software they use in Wall Street: Money Never sleeps?0Brandee2012-10-20 03:41:26
I was curious what the investors were using software on the trading floor that caused people to use up to three screens . Anyone know where I can get similar software ?
Since most trading on Wall Street is done using computer algorithms (not people) wouldn't it be possible to..?4Skyla2012-10-27 16:00:02
Since most trading on Wall Street is done using computer algorithms (not people) wouldn't it be possible to introduce a malicious algorithm that would induce dramatic oscillations / instability in the behaviour of the other algorithms? Hence causing a collapse on Wall Street and the wider global, economy! Economic warfare anybody? Also, how much of a bonus should these hard working algo... sorry I mean bankers, get paid? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algorithmic
What is your plan to stop speculative trading on wall street that only serves to raise prices?0Dhwani2012-07-11 00:36:03
It is suggested that a small trading tax on each speculator's trade would help decrease unwarranted increases of oil by limiting spiraling prices due to back and forth trading on the commodity. The price of oil is raised artificially by speculative trading just to raise the price high enough for it to fall back and starts all over again. Somebody is making big money while causing great harm to the economy, and one way of slowing this practice is to tax each round of speculation.
If half the value of America's GDP is Wall Street trading promises-on-paper, when is manufacturing returning?6akash2012-08-11 14:00:39
Anyone know about forex trading is it good or bad or is trading on wall street better?4katerrian2012-10-26 14:24:02
im going to learn one or the other anyone doing either i need some feed back
What was the Wall Street environment like in the 80's?0Jorden2012-08-24 06:38:21
With all the super active , high frequency trading / day trading that
What should i minor in to get a job on wall street?0Dea2012-09-08 09:40:02
I'm interesting is the investment banking , private equity and hedge funds . I'm more interested in trade, and equity analysis and less interested in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions MedlinePlus A. MedlinePlus My specialty is Finance in a top 10 business school . What is the best Minor. What is accounting?

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