How does the change in price of a share during intra-day trading occur? E.g. how does it change by 5 paise? related questions

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How does the change in price of a share during intra-day trading occur? E.g. how does it change by 5 paise?1Laura2012-07-14 20:55:02
Also, why is it that the market price of MOST(not all) stocks are in multiples of 5 paise?
How a SHAREHOLDER a PUBLIC LTD COMPANY know Whether it has Change the Name or Change the REGISTRAR of share?0Hayley2012-08-26 16:34:02
Many companies had collected money during 1990. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Name one of these companies does not appear in the list of MedlinePlus negotiation. MedlinePlus In fact, neither his name has been changed or removed from the list / or woundup liqidated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Under the previous condition ; MedlinePlus (1 ) What are the benefits of a shareholder can have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (2) who should go to get the benefit ?
WHAT IS best website for share advise and teaching online trading . how to check share name or name change?0Ricahard2012-08-16 09:31:03
10 POINTS FOR THE ANSWER! Please reply
What trading software can give me the most price change in price for the morning and evening markets in the US?0tamara2012-07-11 05:07:02
Would the stock's price change if everybody stopped trading it?0kellie pricley2012-11-04 12:33:31
Lets pretend everyone suddenly stopped trading Sony stocks and nobody bought or sold shares of Sony from each other. Would the stock price change at all? If so, what would be the factors for those changes?
My mom love to eat green onions, how to make her change to change ah?1chanda2012-09-24 23:54:03
Used to eat, and smoked like my head is spinning Khan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
How did global trading patterns change and global trade change after 9/11?0aj2012-07-23 14:57:02
How U.S. trade with foreign nations change after 9/11 ? Sources would be greatly appreciated .
How does the value of a publicly traded share change?0lyama2012-10-15 20:26:31
Value share of private companies change once the company is audited and reassessed . My company uses actions as obligations - a loan to the company investors with a fixed value and return . How publicly traded shares gain and lose value on a tick by tick basis ?
Can you change share dealing broker to another easily?1J2012-09-21 23:04:02
Hello , RBS currently use sharedealing agent for stock trading and only was charged
Courage to change things can change, there can not be changed mind to accept things, the wisdom to differentiate between the different, how to understand these three words?0rfvv2012-07-18 02:45:02
Courage to change things can change , you can not change the mind to accept things, the wisdom to distinguish between the different , the meaning of these words ?
May I ask how to change shorts, jeans like to change?1Patricia2012-03-14 19:33:47
¿ I can ask how to change shorts, jeans like to change?
When does the price on mutual funds change?1Ivana2012-10-27 16:24:58
I understand shares and load, but negotiation times / prices of investment funds that do not entirely understand . I know that your purchase is out of hours , but you get the price listed as when you place your order and the price goes up after hours ? For example , if the fund is listed at $ 50 per share now (which was negotiated in last night ? ) And I put in an order before the market closed . Morning shows the price of $ 60 per share, bought at $ 50 or $ 60? Any advice appreciated. thanks

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