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My computer D drive, E, F, G, H, etc. Double-click the disk does not open, only right click to open, but the C drive but can, what is the reason?1Boo 2012-04-13 18:49:30
My computer drive D , E, F , G, H , etc. Double- click the disk does not open, just right-click to open, but the C drive can , but what is the reason?
Why is my computer double click to open C drive disk is double the other was not open but the point right after the open but can choose to open1Jac2011-12-25 23:32:21
Why is my computer double click to open the disk in drive C is twice the other was not open, but the point just after the opening , but may choose to open
Double-click the computer can not open drive0Sharp2012-07-14 05:45:03
Just redoing my computer system, in addition to directly open the C drive can double the other plate are asked to choose Open (to open the right choice), why, how to solve
My computer is divided into C, D, E, F drive, and now double-click does not open, right is also not open, only the pop-up "Open With" dialog box ....1Alice2012-02-11 23:35:33
My computer is divided into C , D , E, F drive , and now does not open double click on the right is not open, only the pop-up "Open with " dialog box ....
My mobile U disk, there is not open: The computer has found a new hard disk access, but were double-click to open display "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open1Benso2012-04-19 23:12:34
My mobile U disk , is not open : The team has found a new hard disk access , but were double- click to open the "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open
Poisoning my computer too much, re-done system, why the double-D and E disk drive not open?1Nic2012-01-09 00:51:36
Poisoning by my team too , re- make the system , why the double-D and E drive is not open ? New system is XP , with no change in the original partition , just reformat the C drive and reinstall. A total of 3 partitions C , D , E. The question now is : just double-click the C drive can be opened, hard drive must use the mouse and the keys can open, double click on the ED after hour, jumped out a window and asked what is open ? ? Shoot, my drive unit , the files a lot, convenient format ! This is how ah? What solution can be found?
Virus, double-click there no autorun.vbs1Mildred2012-01-23 06:47:49
Double-click when they are open , can not find a way to make autorun.vbs ah , collapse, and the virus for a long time out of the trays do not work
Why my computer disk double stroke does not leave, when doubleclicking, appear " the dialog box that chooses to open a process please " which ace helps1Antoin2012-04-28 23:40:51
Why my career double disc of the computer does not go away when you double click , then " dialog box is chosen to launch a process , please" , as that helps ~ ~ ~
My hard disk cannot be opened show above ~ broadcast automatically! Click right key to choose to open ability to be able to open disk ~ to consult ace this is virus! ! !1Norbert2012-01-29 04:55:11
My hard disk can not be opened over broadcast automatically show ~! Right click to choose to open the ability to open the disk ~ as to refer to this is the virus! ! !
Why is my computer can recognize but can not open the mobile hard disk, open when prompted to "not open"0vishal2012-07-14 09:57:02
My computer is running, but a computer to open the interior of the lamp power, how is this going?1Novia2012-05-31 21:32:22
First, the system would like to know the problem or the problem of energy?
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