Cartoon authority: Some original cartoon images and Cooperation

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Cartoon authority: Some original cartoon images and company names cooperation CCTV Children's Channel "magic window" column group features the image of the "magic window" is the thing as part of CCTV. It is animated by a lively and interesting drama, simple and practical dissemination of scientific knowledge. Kiki is a clever cartoon hero, but not love learning of the students, inadvertently entered a Macross world. There, Kiki had a lot of unexpected dangers, but also a lot of good people to help. Odd use of wisdom and science to resolve all difficult, and ultimately back to the real world. Hope that through cooperation with toy companies and other forms of authorization together to make the cartoon image of industrialization; also deeper cooperation, the toy manufacturers of existing products directly into animation, the driven sales.
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Company name Golden Eagle Golden Eagle Cartoon Character Traits cartoon is the first cartoon channel satellite television, the brand aims to become more independent and vector cartoon product flow. Flying Pig is flying a star of the family cool little park program, but also the hearts of the comic icon of the children in depth. Super Girl doll is well known " Super Girls " spokesman animated program , summarizes the growth of contemporary dream girls . Call for partners of comprehensive cooperation
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