What errors eggs?

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What mistakes eggs?
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According to experts, people eat the eggs of the problems of everyday life in which there are still many errors. Error one: red egg shell eggs better than white eggs, as long as many people choose to buy the red shell, red shell eggs that are of high nutritional value. This is not true, eggshell color is called the shell of a material determines the porphyrin, and this material has no nutritional value. The analysis showed that the nutritional value of eggs, depending on the level of the structure of the key diet. Myth: The older the better of eggs boiling too long boiled egg, egg yolk proteins in ferrous iron and sulfide ions combine to form insoluble iron sulfide, is difficult to be absorbed. Nutrition experts believe that cooking the eggs in boiling water 5? 7 minutes is adequate. Fried eggs over the old, the edge will be burned, egg protein contains a low molecular weight polymer of amino acids, this amino acid can be formed at high temperatures, often toxic chemicals. Myth: Hope for high nutritional value of eggs, eggs that are stillborn eggs, these eggs contain nutrients (proteins, fats, sugar, etc) in the process of egg embryos have been used out, the value nutrition is not high. Moreover, many of these eggs contain E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Proteus and so on. So they eat the eggs in the human body not only useless, but also cause food poisoning and other diseases. Myth: Rotten eggs can eat everyday life of ordinary people fond of rotten eggs. The eggs, lay eggs, because it smelled too long, or cracked, the egg white with the spinosad decreased gradually penetrated through the pores or cracks in the shell of the large population of bacteria to produce methane, nitrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other substances, smelly. Rotten eggs, cooked, one of the amines, nitrites, bacterial toxins and other debris, after eating can cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, eating more because of cancer. Myth: functional eggs better than regular eggs with the development of science and technology, rich in zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium, several characteristics of the eggs hatch. In fact, not all people are suitable for the role of food eggs. Because not everyone is missing the nutrients contained in the function of egg. Therefore, consumers in the choice of the function should be directed eggs, eat what is missing. Myth: Jichi older eggs because eggs contain cholesterol, which has been popular among older people do not eat the egg argument. Recent scientific evidence shows that this argument makes no sense.
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