What is the difference between a kinetic watch and an automatic watch?

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What is the difference between a kinetic and a clock timer ?
Answer1kirstenAnswered at 2012-08-18 21:16:03
An automatic system is a totally mechanical watch , the movement of the spring carrier wound on the clock then powers the clock, while using the motion kinetics for adding charge to a battery contained within the quartz clock movement . Both systems use basically the movements transferred to power the watch by moving weights on the clock. A kinetic watch is probably more accurate than an automated system because it uses a quartz movement , although many modern automatic movements are accurate within + / - 10 seconds for 24 hours or less. If you do not use a timer for more than 36-48 hours usually have stopped moving since the energy in the spring is likely to have been drained on this point, and then have to be used / given a jolt peaceful to get the clock back on track , so I'd have to reset the time / date at this time. Some timers now display the amount of " power" they have left on your face. A timer is likely to require more regular service that a quartz or kinetics, since there are more moving parts.
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