My mobile phone does not support JAVA, can you brush excuse me machine? related questions

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My mobile phone does not support JAVA, can you brush excuse me machine?0Sweetpea:)2012-07-13 15:33:01
My mobile phone associates, do not support JAVA, can you brush machine? Possible can be the word found there associate brush machine software?
Excuse me the mobile phone of 3G, is Shuang Pin to point to can you support G net to you can support CDMA again already?1⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-04-17 18:02:47
The 3G mobile phone that I see, says GSM and WCDMA support , may be the card that is G net and gross C uses ? Thanks to each teacher to help instruct ! ^ _ ^
Motorola Z6 of the JAVA program seeking authorization software, Brush Brush Pack software and my phone version is R60-G-80.33.4ER do not know if the brush?1lamy2012-07-17 04:20:02
Now my phone to download the programs is no way to access the memory card and GO browsers UC browser download something there is no way to download every day ~ and sounds can not access the memory card must be licensed ~ Please help ~
MOTOROLAMPX220 how mobile phone Brush1Nora2012-02-03 22:54:26
MOTOROLAMPX220 how mobile phone brush
I should buy a mobile phone, excuse me tall person!1Jonatha2012-03-15 21:52:37
I want to buy NEC.N3602 mobile phone model , forgiveness , when this type of mobile phone appear on the market ? Still have , what price is he now? ( Lowest price ). Is this kind of durable mobile phone ? Practice? Good use?
Where can buy online ET660 mobile phone in Chongqing excuse me1AUX 2012-05-03 06:50:04
Where can I buy online ET660 mobile phone in Chongqing excuse me
Motorola C168 does not support JAVA function support1Punker Chick 2012-01-05 02:05:08
You can not download the software version of Mobile QQ
Excuse me Nuojiya which have 6233 Chengdu sell? This mobile phone how ah?5Nancy2015-04-16 18:52:15
Sorry Nuojiya with Chengdu selling 6233 ? This mobile phone as ah?
Buy mobile phone petty gain now excuse me or when National Day, 11 can you depreciate in those days is range big?1Theresa2011-12-22 04:55:11
Buy mobile phones smaller now make me apologize or National Day, 11 can be depreciated in the range these days is so great?
What mobile phone support infrared special purpose?0Reanne2012-09-25 01:28:03
What mobile phone support special purpose infrared ?
How to change the non-smart phone in the file extension is changed directly in the phone, the phone supports java.0Cherrie2012-06-28 02:31:01
The files on the phone directly to change the extension on the phone
nokia7360 dku-5 can only wire brush machine? How brush ah?1heron2012-03-28 13:39:40
nokia7360 DKU -5 can only connect the machine brush? How brush ah ? If there are tutorials online if the problems to a Web site , thanks

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