What is the best indicator to use for share / forex trading? related questions

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What is the best indicator to use for share / forex trading?6marcus gibson2012-10-27 08:44:03
I want to find out other ppls methods to find entry and exit trigger points.
What Is the Most profitable Indicator On Forex Trading, & Please Give Your Best Indicator Setting ?3reem2012-10-26 05:05:03
Help Us..For all Forex trader Newbie..Please !!! Thanks
Which is th best indicator in forex trading?1eriko2012-10-05 07:31:01
What is th best indicator in forex trading ?
What is the best Forex MT4 trading platform indicator ?0Cinna2012-07-25 21:45:02
Only suggest if you have used the indicator and have had exceptionaly good success with it . thank you. I know there are literly thousands of them out there , but most are about as close to worthless as worthless can get. Thank you .
Is there a Forex Trading indicator that shows 0Judyth2012-08-07 08:35:45
Is it possible to manipulate the price of a currency pair by selling or buying such a large amount ? I do not want to buy a huge lot and the price drops because my own business did go down. I do not want my own business to change the trend in prices, because if I buy more than they really are traded on the market, most likely go in the opposite direction you want to go.
In Day Trading in Share, the Pivotal Point i.e., (H+L+C)/3 is really a indicator of Bull or Bear trend.?0Nomfundo buthelezi2012-10-04 09:42:19
In practice , it seems that it really works . Resistance range is sufficient Suppport -1 and -1. MedlinePlus Please ?
Hello, where can I find a reliable indicator for support & resistance levels when trading forex?2Heathe2012-09-24 01:13:02
Thanks in advance .
What is the best strategy and indicator to trade forex successfully?0Al Gore2012-08-01 14:34:02
Just needed to know if there is any indicator and strategy for forex that is not complicated yet gives 100% profit in every position it spotted...please post and explain
Is high speed internet needed for share trading and forex trading?2gawoman2012-10-10 15:40:03
Is high-speed Internet required for stock trading and forex trading ?
Does anyone have good expeirence with forex trading and would like to share it with me.?0maura2012-10-25 22:45:12
As I like to open a live Forex account soon and I need some advice, anyone use Forex signal companies and what you recamoned . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus greetings
Hi. Can anyone teach me Share & Forex trading in Chennai?1Pammie2012-08-05 17:28:02
I would like to learn everything and make money in these two areas.
Is it possible to make money from share trading and Forex trading?1Riri2012-09-28 21:17:02
Hello friends , I have the intention to start online share trading , i opened account in share trading and forex trading . My plan is 100 % committed to share and forex trading. I'll take that as a full time job and business . If I work hard and read business papers can earn 10% of my investment monthly . And also help me , Forex trading or stock trading , that is good ? ? ?

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