What was the purpose for the Cubs trading for Harden? Was it to pitch a great 5-6 innings and not get a win? related questions

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What was the purpose for the Cubs trading for Harden? Was it to pitch a great 5-6 innings and not get a win?3Trevor2012-08-05 02:59:02
Carbon copy of yesterday's game. Didn't understand the early hook? If he's not going to pitch much, throw him in the bullpen! (sarcasm)
Did The CUBS make a BIG mistake trading Mark DeRosa?7Samantta2012-10-10 14:36:02
I do!
How come the cubs are not signing or trading? we obviously need a lead-off men and a left handed slugger.?3Thembi2012-07-18 19:29:03
How is that puppies not signed or trade ? we obviously need a lead -off man and a left-handed hitter . ?
Are there any rumors of the cubs trading anyone or picking up a player maybe a pitcher. What about Halladay?3ILEANA2012-10-05 05:57:02
Do you think the cubs could possibly get Roy Halladay?
What is the purpose of emissions trading schemes?0Hossam Nassar2012-07-15 02:24:02
if someone could please share some relevant links it would be most appreciated.
What is the purpose of the trading floor in the NYSE?0Mary Mac2012-09-01 03:21:03
I can buy a share in your browser, or talk to a financial advisor to invest in me soilless necessary. Why are certain types of people who meet on a trading floor ? What are negotiating ? What makes this group of people so important to get your own apartment , when millions of other people trade / purchase .
Whats the purpose of trading up in a draft?1yatish2012-08-07 22:49:02
Ok I am a big sports fan and have been since 2000, but I do not understand the whole trade thing. Many of the talks going around about the upcoming NFL draft and whether to negotiate to Carolina since they already have Jimmy Clausen. Why not keep the number one pick and choose the best player in the side?
how to throw the right pitch at prospects?2antilope2012-05-02 19:17:55
to throw the pitch right on the prospects?
What is advertising free pitch?1Bar2012-04-04 19:00:08
What is the field free advertising ?
What is purpose of proprietary trading desks and how to start one ?0pie2012-07-12 04:18:02
Is the sole purpose of proprietary trading desks trading equities and futures and performing arbitrages based soley on profits which can be achieved better by a group of traders using firm's money. How do these firms attract money and from particular who ? Corporations hedging their positions in commodity or currency ? What is the cost and regulation to start a prop desk? What would be a requirement for you to join a prop desk in Canada ?
How is VAT computed? When i buy a product and resell it for Trading Purpose?1Mary Sue2012-09-28 18:11:02
How is the tax I have to pay tax on the Sales Department , calculated ? in these scenarios ? 1 . I can buy the product VAT paying for it and then resell to add VAT? How is the output tax is calculated ? on the base price it received the goods ?
How do I get the genuine Coal Tar Pitch in Pencil3Loneliness. ⒏ Qi 灬 -2015-07-07 20:40:07
We are the leader in India Bituminus . We now have a requirement for 600 Tar Pitch metric ton of carbon in the form of pencil with softning 100-105. We want a genuine and transparent manufacturer / supplier of the product , where you can buy the product safely .

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