Can I trade my black iPhone 4 for a white iphone? related questions

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Can I trade my black iPhone 4 for a white iphone?1nish2012-09-02 23:49:02
Due to a hardware problem , I need to get my iPhone 4 black replacement replaced. I understand that will cost $ 150 to get an iPhone 4 running on my hands. Am I allowed to trade in a white iPhone if I am out of warranty ?
Trade xbox 360 for an At&t white 16gb iPhone 4?0newt2012-09-13 12:30:03
Have an xbox 360 slim I posted on craigslist barter . I have someone offering a white 16gb At & t iPhone 4 Model : MC609LL for it , does not come with a SIM card . I'm thinking of trading , currently without a smartphone , but thinking I could get it and use it as an ipod touch for now and have something to mess around with , with the option to use it as a phone later. The phone is in perfect condition , I've gotten him through wifi , fw 4.11.08 operation . I have a PS3 , so Ido not use the Xbox 360 is why I posted in cl . Just looking for some opinions of others if you think it would be a good deal and would, if so why? Thank you.
Can you trade in an old iPhone 3G for an iPhone 4 or 4S version?1danny please help!!2012-07-29 23:36:57
My friend handed me an old iPhone 3G and said she didn't want to see it ever again.. and now I know why.. The phone won't turn on at all! I've tried to charge it but it wouldn't work. She claims she has drowned the phone underwater... The screen isn't cracked/scratched at all though. I told my other friend about this and he says that you can trade it in to apple and you can get a brand new working iPhone in any model, (of course by paying extra money). Is this true? Thanks. :) xo
Can i trade iPhone 3g for iPhone 4?1Popoff 2012-08-10 19:48:03
i have an iphone 3g and i really want an iphone 4. my 3g is 16gb so is it possible to get an iPhone 4 16 gb or 8gb for free? also, if i can trade it in, is it possible to get it without the plans.( unlocked i think)
Can i trade my iPhone 4s for new iPhone 4s?1helga2012-07-29 17:06:57
I was looking for a new iPhone 4 with my mom and I have it excels when I was on Verizon and have had for a couple of months. I realized it was a 16 GB and 32 GB is not one I wanted, but my mom bought me . I wonder is it possible for me to change my 16gb 32gb one or will I have to spend full price?
Can I trade my iPhone 4S in for an iPhone 4?0JYD!!2012-10-19 15:30:11
So , in May I got an iPhone 4 along with the rest of my family ( I have 13 ) and I love the beginning ! Siri was fun and everything was wonderful ! And then , after a day , my phone started to die every day ! Even when I upload it to the night and loaded until you really need it and in the car ! I hate that ! And now , when I'm watching a video or playing a game or something Siri just randomly pop up! What really gets on my nerves ! My dad has an iPhone 4 and it was fun to play on it when I had no phone ( this is not my first phone , it's my third! ) I do not hate to share , but I hate the way I'm not near my phone , people just pick up and play with Siri and really lose the battery ! So I can not get that important text or call someone! No need Siri because I'm only 13 ! Should I give my iPhone 4S for a 4 ? I can operate ? ( I'm with Verizon ) and get the 4? What I can do? I love my phone , but I really do not like to have a phone so expensive because people complain and wish to have my phone and I feel dirty ! Please help me !
Trading iPhone 3G for iPhone 3GS for free?1Arnold2012-08-09 19:00:03
I heard from some people other than a couple if you already have the iPhone 3G can change it for the iPhone 3G for free. Is this true ? If so I am so syched !
Will at&t give discount for old iphone to new iphone?1Afra2015-08-18 02:04:50
I have the old iPhone , but I want the new iPhone 3G . AT & T will give me discount for trading in my old one back ? E. I. I give my old iphone and I can buy the iPhone 3G for discounted price because I gave my old iphone ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, is there a way to upgrade my old iPhone w / o all this but getting commercial software that the improvements in the new iPhone ?
If i get a iphone 4s will i be able to get a upgrade when the iphone 5 comes out?1Eddy2012-10-10 14:45:02
i was thinking about getting a iphone 4s but if the iphone 5 comes out this year ....i want to now if i can get a upgrade or trade in my phone and pay a fraction of the price
I need a new phone and I want the iPhone but how soon will the iPhone 5 be out?1Willy!2012-09-06 03:46:04
A Razr Maxx 'm looking at the Droid and the Apple iPhone , but I know that usually releases its new phones at this time of year. If I buy the 4S and I keep it in mint condition you think it could change and get a lower price for the new rather than paying full price for the new ?
How do I find fleur de lis case for iPhone 4, for iphone 4 case?0Can sombody please help me2012-07-25 23:25:03
am looking for an otter box like iphone case for 3g /3gs /4g with a fleur de lis on the back side of it
Can i trade a iphone 4gs for the 5 in september!!??!?!?!?0Mr. Green2012-09-16 14:13:02
I'm getting an iPhone 4GS and in two days ... and let me know if I can take my 4gs iPhone for AT & T in September when the iPhone 5 comes out i could trade or what? ? ? Does anyone know how I could do so without having to pay $ 600 for 5 when it comes out ..... thanks for your help :)

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