Sweater production process

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Sweater production process
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Production is mainly used sweater knitting machine knitting machine and circular knitting machine, sweater production process shown in Figure 2-1: raw materials at the plant, which is carried out by the inspection department factory sampling test items are calibrated linear density, uniformity flowers, torsion and irregularities, tensile strength and elongation and irregularities, moisture regain, softness and smoothness, color and color to the plant material in the situation of According to adjust the production process. On the ground of all kinds of pure wool yarn, blended yarn and pure chemical fiber yarn, generally passing through the winding process, which is suitable for flat knitting and circular knitting machine form roller, to improve and yarn tension in the yarn erase complex defect, and the yarn and wax emulsion fuel, or in order to reduce the coefficient of friction of yarn. In the weaving process often used circular knitting machine and the machine are two models. Multiple knitting fabric knitting machine for the formation of the whole movie, some half-formed garment, half-formed the garment to be shaped by local processes on clothes after a partial cutting, sewing process can enter. Machine knitting circular cylinder-shaped product was a continuous fabric or piece of fabric, woven from the normal production process, must be in the process throughout the test configuration and the total cut for entering sewing process . Whether or circular machine by machine, usually the stage where each machine has an elaborate design of product and process parameters, if you encounter problems with the production team supervisor at any time can be adjusted accordingly. Flat knitting machine efficiency of production is low, suitable for small quantity and variety of production, their products are mostly high-end products multi-media and changes color, round machine, high efficiency, suitable for large volumes, the low variety production, but the products are mostly low-end products. Suturing techniques, including closing stapler and manual in two parts. Process in the dress, and the techniques of cutting and sewing, embroidery, there Zhahua, adhesive processes, and other print and nap, reducing velvet finishing process. Some high-end sweaters, but also anti-pilling, shrinkage, moth and special order. With the era of nanotechnology, nano technology increasingly used sweater finishing technology, higher value added of these products, which is a direction of future business development sweater. After the process of dress is also necessary to convert trial wrapped hot temperature, finish grading, matching, packaging, human libraries and other processes to finished product. In the final product, the need to bring the product to investigate the situation in order to provide information to improve product design and production of knitwear.
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