Is call of duty black ops a game worth trading in modern warfare 2? related questions

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Is call of duty black ops a game worth trading in modern warfare 2?3LW2012-10-11 06:11:02
Call of Duty is a game worthy Black Ops trade in Modern Warfare 2?
Will it be worth trading Call of duty modern warfare 2 and army of two for call of duty black ops?1MAF2012-09-01 01:30:03
I have Call of Duty MW2 and army of two and want to exchange it for covert operations. but I am going to the flea market to trade you think are going to operate
Will it be worth trading Call of duty modern warfare 2 for call of duty black ops?5Wing2012-09-20 08:02:03
i have call of duty mw2 and i want to trade it for black ops. but im going to the flea market to trade it do you think they will trade me?
Am I better off trading in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in at Gamestop or selling it on Ebay?0APA - In text referencing.2012-07-22 19:10:02
Just curious on what deal will be better
Is modern warfare 2 worth trading in yet?1nyaja2015-07-29 22:17:58
ok, so I got the game, the stimulus package came out, I played it and since there wont be anything out for it, I might as well trade it in, will there any dlc or expansion pack for mw2 in the future? if i trade it in, is it worth?
Should I get Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3?2Cari2012-09-08 20:55:02
I traded my Xbox 360 in for a PS3 2 months ago. When I did, I decided not to get MW3 again. It had gotten stale really quick. I've got Battlefield 3 but to be honest. It's not really my style. I love the fast pace action the Call of Duty franchise brings. The question is... Should I get Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3? Personally I love Zombies more then Spec Ops/Survival Mode. But I hate the CoD Points system for unlocking things in Black Ops. I prefer the level up and unlock method of Modern Warfare 3. I also like the Assault, Support, and Specialist Strike Package system. Which would be better?
How much would I get for trading in Call of Duty MW3 for Xbox 360 in GAME?1Bacteria2012-07-05 20:06:10
I want an exact price not an estimate.
Call of Duty: Black Ops ?1andytrfmn2012-08-23 17:55:03
Okay, for a heads up this is probably a dumb question.. Is there any possible way to bring yourself back down to first prestige.. I traded in my black ops a while ago. I was damn near done with the multiplayer (14th prestige) and Zombies was just getting annoying. Well, when I found out that Black Ops 2 was coming out. I went and bought Black Ops again. I completely forgot I was almost done with the online and Zombies can't always keep me entertained. That's why I'm asking this question. Thank you.
Call of Duty Black Ops Beta?0cob2012-10-22 03:38:30
Ok , so I saw the multiplayer trailer and wanted to get the beta , so I added every gamertag i could and there are 2 people with silver beads and said they are negotiating beta codes for xbox live 1 month cards . im thinking of taking them , but not sure if I really give a code. but on the other hand are not employees Treyarch ?
What would the trade in value be on call of duty black ops for xbox 360?0kennie2012-07-07 08:51:07
Call of duty black opps zombies glitch.?0Lela2012-09-19 17:29:03
My friend told me that he was playing in black opps zombies and put the mystery box , then suddenly came the Teddy Bear and not fly, had the option of taking the teddy bear and went crazy . His teammates said he did not take and hold his ray gun , but when he went to trade it closed the box . What would happend if he took it.
How much would i get for trading in modern warfare 3?1Who cares?2012-07-18 05:49:03
I dont like it all and i want saints row 3. How much would i get for trading it in at gamestop?

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