Is Any Country in The Middle East Safe for developing country Workers?

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I Heard

Contemporary slavery is manifest in a variety of forms, most commonly:

Chattel slavery: a person is bought, sold, traded, inherited, or given as a gift, considered "property" (Sudan, Mauritania)

Debt Bondage: someone is forced to work, held as collateral against a debt they or a relative owe (India, Nigeria, Florida)

Sex Slavery: mostly women and girls forced to have sex with "clients," often without protection (Thailand, former Soviet republics, United Kingdom)

Forced Labor: including forced domestic work, construction work, work in restaurants, night clubs, and many other types (Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil)

Middle East: Sri Lankan Domestic Workers Face Abuse
Middle East countries employ bulk of Sri Lankan domestic workers.
Sri Lankan women migrate to the Middle East as domestic workers annually-125000.
Answer1ericca porchAnswered at 2012-08-08 00:08:45
I totally agree with "." . Every country in the Middle East safe for expats no matter where they are. An entire nation can not be blaimed of individual incidents ( battered domestic workers ).

I do not know about slavery in Sudan and Mauritania won , not in the Middle East anyway.
Bonded labor exists in India ( Nigeris ? ), But not in Florida - not in the Middle East
Sex "slavery " exists in almost every country in the world. While male demand exisits in this field, offering offenders .

Forced labor in Saudi Arabia there

Why are you assuming / ask about the Middle East when it comes to countries that are not even here and on the crimes committed by persons other than the Middle East?

All Arab countries have laws Gulf excellent in human trafficing and all the crimes mentioned are punishable by law.
Answer2LorenaAnswered at 2012-09-11 16:53:04
and stop living in a fantasy world , most of the things you mention are not even correct . And why are specifically aimed at Florida ? . Also mixed human trafficking and slavery , nor sanctioned by any government , most countries have severe penalties for these crimes . In other words , if such things happen is the exception and because the victims choose not to report it to authorities. They are not educated enough from their home country , and then move to another country on false hopes and I think the person who takes advantage of them , simply because they are compatriots and the same country , they think they can trust them , while break every law on the book . The final results , unprotected because they were working illegally or have bad visa status . Labor laws do not protect illegal and temporary visitors . This is universally speaking .
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